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Wish it was longer!

I did a video with the most recent build (v1.4). Played great, but as I keep mentioning in the video, I worry it'll play too Castlevania when all's said and done.

I laughed way more at this than I thought I would. You could honestly expand this into a very silly puzzle game just with what you've done so far. Good work!

Did a quick run through this on my stream. As someone with anxiety issues who's also been lied to by raccoons, it's quite endearing! And hopefully you can figure out what I did that caused that bug.

Did a run of this on my stream, and I'm with the folks saying this has potential! Lots of little knobs you could tweak to make tons of interesting levels, just off this one mechanic. Really hope you do.

Ah! That makes more sense then.

I'll echo the M/KB menu concerns. Seems weird to me to make a PC FPS that's controller-first. But hey, what's there so far isn't bad, and with the right amount/types of content I think it could be quite good!

Tried this out on my Twitch stream, and man I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I was a fan of Earthbound as a kid, and it feels like Glitched might be able to hold that kind of charm without going too hard in any direction and falling apart. Looking forward to the full thing!

Gave this a look on my Twitch stream, sounds like I gave up at the puzzle a lot of people get stuck on? Kinda curious what I wound up doing wrong. It was fun though, sad I didn't get it finished.

Gave this a run through on my Twitch stream. Good work building the mood and environment, it's so easy to do that poorly. And sorry I'm so American that I misinterpreted the accent!

Decided to give this a look for my Twitch stream, since I do a lot of demos and jam games and the like. And I'm glad I did, it's so endearing for such a small experience!

Took a peek at this on my stream. Wound up cutting it short since it's not the sort of thing I can stream, but man is it the kind of vibe I want to live in. I just wanna hang in that coffee shop, honestly.

I was intrigued by this game, and I still am, but I found myself getting motion sick pretty quickly. (Which is a shame because I wanted to explore more!) And I couldn't tell if I bugged the game out or if it's just that weird. 

Holy cow this game. Easily the best SHMUP I've played in a long time. And also way louder than I realized XD But at least the soundtrack's worth it!

Sorry to say I'm joining those with critiques around the gameplay depth. At least in the demo, there just isn't much there. There also isn't much as far as animation feedback; especially for a wave-based game you really need to be able to tell what's going on. Hope these sorts of things are addressed in the full version.

Played the demo of this for my Twitch stream, and the fact that I spent so long on it and it felt so natural for an alpha version says a lot about how fun it is at its core. Probably gonna pick up the full version! (Hoping the controller support/config is updated, though.)

Took a look at this for my Twitch stream. Hit a softlock towards what felt like the end, which was disappointing but I guess it saved me from spoiling the end for the viewers. :)

And I mean it, I'd love to see how the team could expand on something like this!

Ran through the demo on my Twitch stream. Game feels solid, physics felt a little odd to me but not in a bad way. (Could be faster maybe?) Will love to see how you folks expand on the atmosphere and whatnot; I see the tags say metroidvania so I'm curious how you're going to metroid it up!

Took a look at the demo of this for a little Twitch series I'm starting up. Felt like exactly what was advertised: a bit creepy, a bit surreal, definite hints of more under the surface. It's not exactly my jam, but it was interesting and kept me curious. And you can see one person in chat was really down with it.

I started doing a Twitch series of indie game demos and small projects. This was the first one I featured and it did not disappoint, minimal on content but fun to play regardless! And no I did not tweet my scores.