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There was a game / simulation i created that if i'm correct is in 1.7 "ambiance update".

Why i think it's a fan-game of this game? They don't even look like each other, at all, but, it's because of the robots in that game.

How ever, they can break, not like the current autonauts ones.

And there is only crude.

But, it's because the game isn't about automation, it's in the name of the game.

"AI Survival." And no, it's not one of those games where things keep comming towards the player, it's a sandbox like minecraft but terraria because it's 2d.

I've added to much stuff to the AI now, that most of the time he doesn't get anything done...

-_- yeah. maybe 20+ actions or more?

I can't remember.

All i know is the robots where the first thing i added to it's first version.

In fact, it wouldn't exist without this wonderful project, and i'm thankful.

How ever, what we use is diffrent.

Denki Uses Unity,

And I used scratch.

Both are good in their own respect, i just have 0 idea how to code in unity xD

Well, Denki and the auto nauts team, good luck with your games development!

I can't wait to see this game in it's finished form, even if it doesn't reach it, i'll still be rootin' for ya!

Don't bother here, it won't work, sorry, the developers from what i see aren't doing anything, just go to some other multiplayer undertale fan game.

I've come back with a new account, and i'm glad you were able to keep the game going!

I can even see people on those roads.

And the texture pack looks nice.

If you don't already have this, since i don't want to end up dealying 3.0, when you release updae after 3.0, could you consider multiple sprites for the same building?

It looks exactly the game if you understand where i am comming from.

But, only you can add it, not me, so it''s all up to you if you want to add it.

I don't "Expect" this feature at all, just thought it would be a neat edition.

Good luck with the game development!

So if i'm correct, the seeds are a variable.

Each number in the variable represents a word.

Then, the game uses the word to generate terrain?

Also, if this game was to cost monney, how much would it cost?

If it does i have standered ideas for it.

30 (If you really need money)

25 (Kinda the same but not as much)

20 (Standerd)

15 (Standerd as well)

10 (Below normal for big games)

5 (Total indie game cost)

1 (Basicly free with a twist)

Free (Your to generous)

You don't have to use the prices i put up.

After all, you did hire someone to publish it.

You'll still have to give them a share of the money.

Also, good luck with your game development.


I hope people will enjoy the major update comming, and i have maybe a tiny idea for it?

Flowers, tall grass, stuff like that littered around the world.

And here's a question i have.

Will it's terrain be auto-generated with seeds?

Oh also, side note,

This game is still amazing.

Even without the updates, it's still a good game and i'm finding various things to do.

I thought of a plan to fix my log production and decided to make another site in another tree soil area.

Quite effective!

I love how autonauts makes you think like a actual person unlike some games.

So, i'm sure this has been found multiple times.

But, have you noticed that the items in a storage can go above it's limit?

Yeah, i'm sure this has been encounterd before so if i wasted your time i'm sorry.