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the one major problem I have ran into is that you can not search by range any more every time I try it glitches out and something I would love to see would to be the fact that units could walk on ships instead of just standing but either than that I love the game and cant wait for the modern update

I love what you have done with the game I cant wait to see the modern update I really hope you add tanks lol

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since the new new update everything has been fixed but the only thing is that troops just stand still on a boat and lots of the time they just all mash up with their team and start killing each other while they are fighting on land but that my just be an AI issue. either than that I love this game I really hope you keep on adding in new things hint hint Spartans hint hint lol

great game but since the new update the AI goes a little weird troops will just walk inside of each other instead of spreading out like they used to do and when u put a troop on a ship they just stand still and don't move and the last this is the ships just will go inside of another ship sometimes and end up destroying each other either then those 3 things the game is great the only thing I would recommend is having farm houses, tents, and campfires for added realism to the game =)

I would most definitely get this game but the only thing I worry about is you have no dedicated servers and that's means people make their own that means all of your players PC's can get hacked or attacked

adding an FPS part into this game would make it a 11/10 rating you and your team have a great idea I really hope you keep on updating this