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i wish the girl wasnt a loli so i wouldnt feel so degenerate just because i want to check out this sick AI

le vinesauce army is here

Who's mining bitcoins??

Wahoo! Thank-a you for playing my game.

Any criticisms?

Fixed the issue where the monster disappeared. It was just stuck in an unwalkable area due to a patrol area being outside the navigation.

v1.1 is up if you wanna give it another shot.

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The stamina also acts as health, so when the robot shoots you when it's depleted you'll be more likely to lose. The bar doesn't truly end because I hate it when running mechanics slow you down every 5 seconds. Perhaps I should improve the aiming ability to make it more of a threat.

Everything else, yeah I agree, I ran out of time because I'm going to college and I'm working  a part time job. Post-jam update is in consideration.

Thank you for the feedback!

dang, that's either some multi-dimensional magic or im going crazy from being so tired

I click the button to submit my game but it doesn't show up.

I have it published/public too.