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Dream & Imagination Studios.

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Thanks! I searched the song and it is called moment, the difference it that it was a  music box version. Thanks anyways!

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IT WAS SO GOOD! I am happy with life. Nice Work Creator! A True Masterpiece.

Edit : I Finished The Game........ not really happy of what I've done.

But Good Game Though!

Oh, Thanks For Your Opinion!

I Watched This From a YouTube Channel (Its BakuWashu, Shout out To Him)  and Immediately Check if its out. This Is Pretty Good! Oh and I heard you're continuing the series! Goodluck!


This Game Is Terrifyingly Amazing! 

Only Thing that saddens me that there is no right ending or good ending.

For some reason, this is like the beggining of the series Lonely Wolf Treat By Nomnomnami, You Both Had Something in common in games, That They are Good Games! Nice Work.

I Loved The Game! Its Story is complex and fun to learn, Im still at Chapter : Romance when Aria Told Lewin A Story. What Song Is It when Aria Told Lewin A Story?

is it called Moment. But if its not what is it? Pls Tell.

I Need Help. So basically I Installed the Games and RTPVXace  and the fonts.

But It Said 

                           " Unable To Find File        

                    Graphics/System/Window "

Pls Tell how to fix

Anyone who wanna give feedback or compliments can type here.

Escaped Chasm is a great game! I loved the story and gotten into it. It Shows the negativity can be changed to positivity!

Until I Played Escaped Chasm 2 (TemmieChang Why You Gotta Fool Me????) Anyways, Great game and 4/5 rating. pls add run.

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This is a cool game! its gameplay is so interesting that I tried to finish, but  of course there are some flaws, like the controls. you can find it a bit difficult to climb places. And second the fighting mechanic, you can shoot vertically only, if its meant like that then its ok. Overall I rate 4/5 Stars

I Read on that you need feedback Right?

First of is the fighting mechanic, I could only aim straight to where I am looking. So if you think of another way to aim it would be great!

Second is the players movement, its Great at how it dash to places but its hard to click the button.

thats the only feedback for now.  Hope It Helps! Good luck on finishing the game! 

Nice Creation!