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Thanks, I will ask there itself.

Hi CodeParade,  by this game I was actually inspired to create my own game(or atleast to draw a picture on a window rather than printing text on a console). I installed(built from sources) the SFML and eigen dependencies the game ran fine and also good game btw :-). 

But the problem started when I tried to create my own CMakeLists.txt file. I read the documentation from SFML website and it is not given for Linux(where there is no graphical interface and everything has to be typed).So, I tried changing your CMakeList file and but you 2 CMakeLists.txt file(1 which is located in the projects folder and another in src folder) but it was just a failure. 

My main problem is I'm struggling to learn how to use CMake and I'm not understanding their doumentation and how to use it for adding SFML dependency.

I'm not doing any  type a big project or anything. I just want the code in in this to run.

Pls anyone help me with the CMakeList.txt. If possible please explain in detail what is happening in CMakeList.txt. May God bless anyone who read this fully.

And please help me. This is the only thing which is keeping me from moving forward