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Thank you very much! I'll definitely try to improve in my next games. This was my first game and a very good experience!

Pretty cool game, i completed the whole game and it was fun!

I like the graphics and sound effects, they are great!

Thank you very much, your game was great too!

the graphics are great and the movement of grass and trees when you go near them is great! you can actually make this game better by making the screen a little big cuz i cant see the text  on it sometimes. I also like that it starts to rain sometimes!

Thank you very much!!

Its a fun and basic game! the controls are kinda unfamiliar to me, cuz i commonly use wasd, but it maybe great for other people!


  This is pretty cool and the graphics are great!

Thank you very much! I would look forward to add sound effects in my games. I am actually not very good in music composing!

its a pretty cool game! I like the idea.

My game's name is Tim : The Melon!

I used godot

I actually use Piskel for making my game art. It's for 2d and i like it!

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Thank you very much! Uhh I forgot to name it lol. Let's just call it.........Dewdrop? XD. TBH I was out of names lol :)

it works fine for me and im on windows

It's a pretty cool game, I love it!

Btw which game engine did u use to make it?