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Awesome! Can't wait for when the full game is available 😁

Hope you enjoy when you do! 💛

There's (short) extended epilogues on the way! The girls are first, Yuri Jam entry, and fingers crossed I can get the guys done and out to y'all by this December!

AHHHHH so excited for the trailer & game 🥰 thanks for sharing this journey with us!!

Hi there! As the game stands and with the specific story I set out to tell, HSDJY won't offer anything outside of a female protagonist.

Ahhhh!! As someone who has never dealt with a Kickstarter, I think you're doing amazing 😁💛 can't wait for the extended demo!! 

OMG NO! Feel bad for your chair but I'm glad you're not hurt at least 😂💛 thanks for the support and enjoy the game!

Awww 🥰 hope you enjoy the game!!

Typo Queen at your service 😭 but thanks for playing and for your honest thoughts!

Aww yay!! Hope you enjoy 💞

"Dreaming is free" YO I love this and I'm borrowing it 😂💛 Thank you so, so much for playing!!

Thanks for playing and for your kind review! 🥰

Lydia love 🤧 someone after my own heart! And yes, I often wonder about Vanessa myself (though I love her to pieces too LOL!) Thank you for giving this game a shot!

Oh my gosh thank you for playing and thank you for sharing your thoughts!! 💞

Taaannnksss 😭💛

Awww 😋 thanks for the love and support!!!


whooooo! awesome progress 🤗

HYPE!!! HYPE!! 😁💛

Ahhhhhh! Screaming and cheering in the background 💛

Thank you!! (same here lol) 🤗

OMGGGGGG!!!!! 🤩🥰 Yay (I'm so proud + excited)

Whoooo! Everything is looking great! (And the pupper!! 🥺)

Programming is actually the worst 😭 but yay updates!! Marking my calendar now for the Kickstarter lol!

If all goes to plan, this October!

Lydia has my heart TOO!!! Hope you'll check out the full game for more Lydia content 🤗

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 🎉 Let the countdown commence 😁

Hi there! 

-This is a super, I do mean super informal (learning) process to me, so we're looking at anywhere between 2-3 builds max unless more are deemed necessary.

-In timing routes, I've found that if you're a fast reader and first time, ~2 hours, but ~3.5 hours is closer to projected gameplay time! I'd recommend focusing on the one route you're drawn too if you're interested in testing but can't dedicate much time to testing!

-And it's one client for ease and my sanity! (There's the friendship and romance split at the very beginning, and further on the game splits into the individual routes.)

Hope this helps!

WHOOOOO! 🎉 time to go spread the news lol

Currently crying in the club rn 😭💛 thanks for the shoutout! (also THANK YOU for the walkthrough, you have saved my life twice over???)

YESS!!! lol I want y'all to be known too ❣ can't wait to wishlist on steam!!

Kicking myself for not trying this sooner! I wish you ALL the success on making this game and I can't wait for the extended demo and completed game 🥰

Bruh, if this is a 'Messy March' I wonder what a regular one looks like, you are killing it!!

whooo! 🎉

OMG yay!!!! 🎉🙌🏽

Sorry friend! Maybe in the future it'll be something to consider, but for now it's just the PC/Mac builds 💛

AHHHHH!! *seat dances from home*✨ I'm so ready, I already know I will enjoy this update!

Yay!! Lol and you gotta let me know who you get 👀


OMG!!! The way I ran to read this update after work 😂❤️ don't mind me, just cheering loudly from the sidelines