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Hi, i would like an simple example working on the lastest version of gamemaker, i tried create my own watching the PFE (iam a user) but i have some many problems with sync, buffers, etc, what i need is to use this great tool for other games where i cant give advantage to the best ping players. Please there´s something i can do? , advice?, maybe you can do a simple project for the community, i ll be gratfull and already bought the PFE at least to help

ok, thanks

Hello, why this error: 

Error : Extension gamepad_force_focus file  does not exist

on v2023.11.0.121, if does exists.

Good Staffs!

Hello, I know almost nothing about web pages, I already have the gml_string.js loaded in wordpress and initialized in the head of the page with a plugin. I tried the example renderToHTML:

and it works for me, I could see it in the console but I don't really know how to render it inside the page. please help

Hello. I already bought this asset. How can I use it in my wordpress website?

Nice! Thats what I am looking for

Hello. How I can use this script in my own website. I use wordpress, little knowledge about web. Any suggestion?

Awsome man! the idea of you making this alone is fascinating. the art and dark enviroment reminds me hyper light drifter. This game has future and we are going to support you. 

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2- Gracias por la ayuda, en sí tenía marcado la exportación con tiempo de ejecución x64 y al quitarla funcionó correctamente.

1- versión gms2-última

3- Exacto, así fue como me di cuenta de que había al mal en la configuración.

Hola, que puede ser que la extensión al probarla funcionó muy bien y ahora no lo hace. No sabia que mas información dar ya que revisé y me parece todo bien. 

Es así no? : 

window_set_cursor_sprite(my_sprite, 0)

At the end I was playing around with the rpgmap tool from deepnight and  I understood the whole thing. Thank you anyway and so much again. When I finish it I show it to you

Man. What a great tool. I am making a grid base game and I want to implement this tool to generate maps. The thing is I already know how to work with json but to make it a little easier, would you mind explaining the struct? . I mean what is "rects"  for? And what the variables : x, y, w, h mean exactly in the dungeon. Thank you

Hola muchísimas gracias por crear un videojuego tan maravilloso. Destacar que lo vi por arriba en el paquete palestino, no lo conocía, el arte me cautivó. Pero el arte no es lo único currado en el juego, excelente historia y guion. Espero con ansias el último capítulo. Buena suerte.

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Buenas...Me encató el programa. Existe la posibilidad de que salga una versión en el futuro para 2.3? Gracias

Thank you very much