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Thank you! That worked for me.

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Very excited to play the new chapter, but I'm hitting a wall. I've hidden it below.

It also appears the very first CG doesn't appear. A black screen appears and it says the file isn't found in the upper left corner.

Not sure if this is just me, so can anyone confirm they're having the same issue? Thanks in advance!


  When I try both options to bet on either Vexx or Ayame (while training with Ayame and Damon), I get an error message saying "An exception has occurred."

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On the screen that says Jamie, try pressing the categories like "ABCDEF" and "GHIJKLM" and the names should pop up. Hopefully that helps!

Edit: Make sure you also download and install the Voiced Name DLC. You should hear the name when you select it.

Just finished playing the Nottingham demo a second time. I am so, so excited about this project.

There are certain LIs I knew I'd be into—and I very much still am—but Meissa completely and unexpectedly stole my heart. I assumed they'd be a bit of a cinnamon roll, which isn't my usual type in otome games. While they're clearly adorable, they're so nicely balanced with some sexy mischievousness. I love them a lot.

Every character seems to have so many hidden sides and I can't wait to learn more of their stories. I find myself wondering which ones I can trust (even Meissa)! I admit I find Gui... disturbing. He gives me unromanceable-but-hot villain vibes. I'm unnerved yet intrigued.

Looking forward to continuing to watch development!

I was so blown away by Cinderella Phenomenon when I first played it, especially after learning how small the dev team is. It's surreal that we're so close now (only like seven and a half hours, wooo).

Congratulations on all your incredible work, Dicesuki. You deserve all the support in the world. My wallet is ready.

According to GB Patch's tumblr there's 60ish names coming still and Alex is one of them!

Congratulations on this new DLC. Can't wait to support what else comes out!
I have to admit I'm a little sad because my name (Alex) was in the demo but it doesn't seem to be in the final release. Ah well, Ali will suffice :D

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Played the demo a few times now and man, is it a joy. It already feels very romantic.

I love Marion's inner voice and I'm very excited to experience the world's events through her eyes. Her clever wit and sense of humour is fun and it's believable that others would fall for her.

I always like to see strong female characters who aren't written as though their emotions signal weakness (see the first scene she has alone with John near the river). Humanity does not belie badassery.

Each LI seems very distinctive so far. I had a hard time picking a favourite. Looking forward to uncovering the hidden depths of the characters as the game progresses. I expect each will be quite nuanced.

Art is beautiful. The style is lovely and clean and the character design is little more mature than other otome games I've played, particularly Eastern ones. It's a welcome change. My favourite aspect is the wonderful facial expressions. I found myself scrolling back to check out the looks on each character's face throughout different scenes! The artist did an amazing job.

Music choices are good and set the tone well.

Good luck with the rest of development! I can't wait to meet the Nottingham LIs. Particularly excited for Lord Geoffrey.

PS I've been following your Tumblr as well and your references are on point.

I gotta say, I really appreciate how well the devs have managed this entire project. The professionalism, consistency, and warmth is so wonderful to see and I'm happy to be able to support this wonderful game. Looking forward to release (and eventual DLCs). Thank you for all your hard work, GB Patch!

Thank you for all your hard work. I've set my calendar!

Yay. Thank you for answering <3

Hi! I am unbelievably excited about this game. It's so cute and there are so many unique features that I love.

I'm wondering what the "Cove Creator" is that's listed as the $10,000 stretch goal on Kickstarter. Is it a customization screen similar to the one for MC? I really like some of the shorter hairstyles on Cove—how would we be able to attain that?

Thank you for all your hard work!

this is good