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I think there's a glitch where you can give the biker dad in from of the bar more beer after the first time, and it won't progress his friendship (just the same scene).

I think it was just about a new stat in the game, but due to another person's message, I will just try to restart. Thanks

You may be right. Guess I need to start a new game. Thank you, person

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Need assistance. Downloaded the newest update, used an old save, and I can't progress into the Hinterlands 2 section because I keep getting the error screen. Anyone familiar with this error? Or point me to the solution? 

Was quite surprised an artist I quite enjoy made a game like this. Admittedly, $10 is a bit much for the short play time, but I can't say I regret playing it with the short and sweet story. Dudebulge made the great DilF with a capital D and capital F. A bit disappointed that there was no sucking or switching at the end. The memory game is a bit random, but is a nice extra with the pictures.

Good efforts for a first game, and great artwork and writing I think.

I would greatly hate seeing Asterion hurt, but I have no doubt the writing is good. And having four endings dedicated to just being evil, at least that makes it seem like a mercifully short route

My theory is it’s Hermès in disguise. Explains a lot about his behavior 

Here's to the potential of Storm being boyfriend no. 2 (Asterion can't be replace, non negotiable). My main fascination is to hopefully breakdown his inevitable defenses, and make him connect more personally. And give him a kiss because the boy has had it too hard. I've been loving the work of all the people working on this, including Nanoff because I know of his great comic series. Keep up the good work all of you!

Also, I might have just realized the snake man might be wearing Asterion's skin from a torture session. I am deeply disgusted 

I see. I suppose I was too quick to comment after finishing. It seems there was a plan, and that you knew about similar comments. Maybe reading other comments would have given me insight lol. Just leaves more to look forward to from the game then. 

Actually was pleasantly surprised about this game. Came into it expecting something cute and subpar, but it kept my attention and was great to put it simply. I made the review already, but thought I might emphasize that I think Kota and P are two of the characters that need the most improvement with writing. P is new, but his goals are pretty unimpressive and impersonal if you think about it (I'm sure plenty of people would have tried to find the hotel again in the past). He just seems to be like some experienced voice about magic and creatures, so he just might turn into the "lore dump" type character who also is just the person that delivers Storm to the main setting. Speaking of Storm, he is certainly nice, almost like Asterion Lite in a way. He shows many parallels to Asterion for sure, but he might need something to distinguish himself from him to make him seem like he's not in someone else's shadow. It's also weird because he's a minotaur too, since I thought Asterion would be THE minotaur of the Labyrinth (in the legend, not the game), so he would be unique. Maybe he's just a were-bull, but calls himself a minotaur because they're usually synonymous. I just hope it's not some weird "bound by fate" thing either, but I'll leave the decision to the writer, since I won't find it bad if the writing is good; just hoping it won't turn into something contrived or weird. There is no shortage of best boys though, just want to see each character shine is all