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I pushed enemies back,but I am still confused about the stone’s meaning.

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I beat the game with all characters within 10:01.(hard)

Ranged weapon with 6 damage and double strike is just too crazy.

Nice game. Yet when the number of my dices is maximum it takes some time before I find out how to continue.  Maybe a tutorial about the use of recycle could help.

Hahahahaha. My most close one is a zero cool down ice blade, but without play free. And shogun just cannot move twice.

 This game actually interest me of DOOM (But I get lost for many times.QAQ)

I have some bugs to report. 

Taking time stop potion and finish the last enemy within 3 steps, the settlement screen will stay grey.

The "死" mark will be turned left and right upside downwhen the marked enemy turns around.

My English is not very good. Hope I had conveyed what I want to say.

Thanks again for this awesome game. I can't wait to buy it 

I love it! It's the best game I found these days!

Though it's not perfect yet. I like it.


nice game, feel like a fair tale