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Thank you !! 

This should be fixed ! 

sorry about that


Thank you :) 

Don't hesitate to wishlist it on Steam ;)

Thank you :)

Thank you so much !!

Hi, The bug doesn't seem to be happening on Windows so unfortunately we are not able to find a fix right now. However we plan to release a Linux version of the game once it is finished, which hopefully should prevent these kind of issues. Really sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you still had a great time with the demo!

We checked with other users and none of them experienced this problem.

You can also download the game on Steam or try with this link:   


Hello, could you give us some details about your problem ? Is it when trying to download the game on itch or when trying to run it? Some antivirus may prevent the proper download of the game, maybe the problem comes from this.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Thank you soooo much !!!

Thank you :)


Thank you ! :)

Thanks x) I forgot the files ^^

Thank you ! ^^

Thanks !


It's really nice !

Good job :)

I'm sorry I don't speak spanish, but if you want to work with me, use discord : Hugues#6073  

Really nice ! 

If you want some advices, you should add screenshake when you hit an enemy, and when an enemy hits you. 

And you could create a wave modifier : each x waves, the level design change (remove a bit of ground, move platforms etc.)

Thank you ! ^^ 

Awesome ^^

Yes you can :)

don't forget to credit my name (or my website) somewhere 



Thanks ! 

you can, but you have to credit my name / twitter account / account 

Thank you for the kind words ! :) 

Awesome :)

Thanks ! :)


Thanks ! yep Hugues#6073

Of course

But you have to put my name somewhere ^^

I try to practice a lot x)

If you want to learn pixel art, you should try the tutorials from @saint11 ^^

Thank you ! :) 

I will make other packs don't worry ! 

Thank you ! :)

Thank you ! :) 

yes of course !

Thank you !

you have the aseprite file in the .rar, so you can use aseprite to render anything you want from the file. 

Thank you ^^ 

Thanks ! :) yes of course :)