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@Jupiter Updated with finished works!

@Jupiter Thanks! It's not quite finished yet, these are just some screenshots of the running program. It searches Twitter for tweets containing "I want", then after discarding some (retweets, those with hashtags and usernames, and those along the lines of "everything i want", "all I want" etc.), chops them from the I want part.

It then repeats until it has over 50,000 words, takes a couple of hours. The finished things will be a book-length letter to Santa. I'll upload the source code too. So far I've run it at the start of the month, during Trump's victory speech and later that day, and also on Thanksgiving and it's running right now to collect some Black Friday wants.

To finish, I'd like to turn them into PDFs, but haven't found a way to preserve the emoji (any tips welcome!). Otherwise, I'll just make do with plain text, markdown or HTML.