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Love the references, especially the jet fuel one

I genuinely got worried for my laptop by the end. Also I had like 3 "dynasties" stemming from a dude named Hugo lol

This only lacks the ability to make more of those gravity and repulsion points

I got like 915 on my 2nd try, ngl this one is too hard for me lol

(1 edit)

Insanely fun and frustrating lmao. Got to 40 after some time, dont think I can do much more

Edit: Honestly kinda addicting, got to 50 and Im pretty sure its just pure reflexes at that point

Finally got sub 200 (193.2s). Really fun, still got upgrades but idk if theres much more to do after that

My fastest is 60.66s. I think having an option to skip the growing animation at the end would be nice

Well that explains why my screen went to black and I cant do anything after playing for 200 and some turns

I've tried every combination for the code I could think of and I still didn't find the right one. I have tried: 30302020, 3060020, 9006004000, 1900, 2500... and it didn't work so can someone help my dumb ass out?

Is this inspired by hnefatafl?

They mean the shapes around the symbols

I dont think of myself as a strong player but I was able to beat it first try lol