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How does that "Autosave"-Feature works? Tried to figure it out, but i can't find any details/infos about it, in the game...

(Note: I tried to find a contactpage on your official website, to send you guys an short E-Mail, but there is nothing, hehe)

Well, that's sad to hear. Maybe you should put a note somewhere, that this game won't get any updates/patches anymore. Ppl maybe think, this is still in dev or gets updates, since it's a fairly "new" game.

Any updates on this topic? :-)

No worries :-). I really enjoy playing it (beside that thing with the "only keyboards as controller"-thing ;-). You did a very good job, sir! ;-)

I hope i'll find some extra time in the next days, to dig deeper into the game, cause i already had alot of fun sofar, hehe. You really should try to promote this game to GOG, dude. Remember "Dicey Dungeon"? Also rocketlaunched from itch to GOG/Steam, hehe. DO IT, MAN! :-D

There is no "issue", access/navigating/using the menus :-). They seams to work, as intended. But i have to use the mouse, to click on items, instead of using the arrow-/enter-/otherkeys. Ich would love to play the game "with keyboard only" ;-). "Back then", only the rich kids had mices, haha :-P.

And that gravestone... Not noticed it, hehe. I had a pause, between to raids (EQ) and got me a copy and start to play for like 1h20m. I'll check that gravestone and give you an report, hehe.

Thanks for reading and answering :-).

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... two things, that bugs me are:

1) You can't access all stuff via keyboard (like equipmentmenu, ...). I would love to see the controls fully working via keyboard

2) Gameprogress will not be save (or did i miss that feature?). Since im playing it "while having a break from XYZ, i stopp playing and want to return to it later". This should be somesort of a feature

Everything else seams to be sofar working wonderul, smooth and flawless. I seriously enjoy this! (Lubuntu 20.04.x x64)

Thanks alot for this game!

Ich würde auch gerne eine kleine Spende entrichten. Gibt's hier nichts? ;)