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I had fun but I wasn't able to beat it :'(. Had a very GTA type feel with overwhelming police haha. 

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Interesting. I would have liked a play/pause button instead of an update button.

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Great job on your first game jam game! Hope to play your next one.

Excellent traffic management game. I like the music and thought the level progression was satisfying.

Dr Mario game. Nice take on a classic. 

Very polished!

Welp, I had fun. 

Very nice simulation. I've always assumed this is how all traffic lights work. 

Once I figured out the route it was nice to go back and try and get a better score. Thank you for making this!

There are a lot of little touches that make this a great game. The story added a lot of character too. My favorite part is probably the hole that is made when the witch flies through the road sign. Awesome job!

Interesting concept. Programming the car pathing must have taken forever haha. 

Very fun. I ended up playing this for a while. 


It feels good to have my game played!


Thanks man.

Thank you so much!

Im sorry but I didn't record the yee-haw :'( I use for sound effects. Great little site. 

Great job at a first game and congrats! That 4th set of spikes are brutal. I played on mac and it gave me the option to run in "Ultra" graphics settings haha. 

Would love to play more but got stuck on the third screen.

Thanks! I'll add some SFX and Music. 

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Cute little game. The movements and camera are very smooth. I wish there was more. I found a small error where it says to press "A" but should really say "E"

The robot voice in the beginning was funny. I liked the twist in how to "win".

Got to 462. Would have liked to have gotten to 2048 ;). Game was well made and the little explosion effect was nice. A little music would be nice if you had more time. 

This is probably my favorite game of the Jam. (What does that say about me?) Having to kill a baby for the good of humanity to win is a great take on the theme. I don't know what the last comment is talking about. Visuals looked great, had a great story, and both win-endings made me feel sad, haha. Great job! Best part was the marker. 

Fun clicker that really made my click more furiously than others. You did a good job balancing difficulty. I had a hard time but didn't think it was impossible to win or get frustrated. I would have preferred if the different items on each tab were all visible without having to scroll. I don't know if this was a purposeful design choice?

This is some kerbal space program physics here. Nice job!

Got 16 flies. I don't think I'm mature enough to keep playing though. Very polished game. I would have called the game Pee-cision.

I loved the music. Was it an original song? Getting to the second (good) ending was enjoyable. Thanks!

Submitted 4 minutes before the end, haha. Cutting it close? Creative idea. I personally have not played a game like this before. 

The title made me laugh thinking about the bird-box challenge. I think the grid background was a nice idea so I have some orientation on where I am. Made my way out of the first 3 levels. 

This is not really a game, no. More of a silly art piece. My hope is that the small animation, sound effects, and poem placed together are enjoyable for the 60 seconds it takes to play. And no, the clip is from the show Cosmos. I'm sorry you didn't like it. 

A nice little platformer. I got to actuality. Thanks for making it. 

I ran into a bug on the opening battle and couldn't continue. I played in HTML on Chrome. 

Great little game!

Cute little puzzle game. I liked how the guy gets fatter with each level. Music is also nice, wish it were longer. 

excellent puzzle!

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Thank you for playing and for the feedback. I think you're right about the matchstick size and made it bigger. Also added a slight skew to the stick when picked up. There is a reset button at the bottom right corner of each level. I have it called out on the first level. 

The idea is to make 3 square without loose ended matches sticking out (Those two matches at the top.) It's my fault for not making that clear in the description. I'll update the description so it's more clear.