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Got though all 20. Very enjoyable, thank you.

Ahh, very clever. Okay I got through level 10. 

Okay, I beat the last level. Very good game. Very difficult. Love the easter egg at the end, I only found one haha. 

I won't spoil any puzzles. I've used the "New Technique", to pass from the room I think I need to start in, to the room with the exit. From there I can get to a 3rd room... where I either maneuver back to a solvable position in the second room or get to a fourth secret room with a hidden exit. If you say it IS possible to solve it, I don't need a hint. I'll keep working on it. 

Don't want a hint. Just want to make I'm not going crazy.

How do you solve the last level?

I don't think level 10 is solvable?


That was a hard one. The ending was nice though.

The last level had me panicking! Very good game. I wish there were more levels. 

Creative idea and I like the nod to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

Thank you for playing! Yes, the numbers were supposed to be a bar that would fill up, but I ran out of time. I should have made it something like #/1000 instead so its not so unclear. 

Great game. I had a lot of fun and loved the music!

It seems like the pointer and where you fire is off.