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Great job. Noticed a small bug where the last egg didn't register as picked up. 

Good start!

The visuals are very good. Great job to the artist!

Good game. Thanks!

Great game. I really enjoyed the into. I ran into a bug where the child simply disappeared a few times, but I still had a lot of fun. 

Got under 10 seconds. More luck than skill on my part. 

Fun game. I liked the competitive leaderboard. 

Good job!

Well done!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing it with me!

Thank you so much for playing and streaming it!!

Fun little game good job. I hope you add a win screen once everything is built.

good start

Fantastic! Thank you for making this.

Got through all three endings! I love your style. 

I had fun but I wasn't able to beat it :'(. Had a very GTA type feel with overwhelming police haha. 

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Interesting. I would have liked a play/pause button instead of an update button.

Excellent traffic management game. I like the music and thought the level progression was satisfying.

Dr Mario game. Nice take on a classic. 

Very polished!

Welp, I had fun. 

Very nice simulation. I've always assumed this is how all traffic lights work. 

There are a lot of little touches that make this a great game. The story added a lot of character too. My favorite part is probably the hole that is made when the witch flies through the road sign. Awesome job!

Interesting concept. Programming the car pathing must have taken forever haha.