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I heard that 666 kill chop deluxe in the first boss.

As soon as he brought lisa music in here he didnt stand a chance.

at least, i hope thats what it was

Take away the autoscroll and it would be 10 times better. When i die and needa get back, i have to wait for the autoscroll, and when i try to get all the coins i die because i can't keep up with it

This is a great game in my opinion, but I feel like the waitress is a little too powerful, because she does a lot of damage with a resource that you can get pretty easily and also can heal more health with one piece of trash than delivery boy can with 2 food. Also, delivery boy needs to be buffed a little, i think, Wambo combo heals little for how much it costs and doesn't even give trash or dishes. Sewer rat style gets you killed quickly the majority of the time and doesnt do much damage, and throwing the food is the worst attack that I found. The mascot also seems very weak with having little skill at anything but fun, which is mostly useless. Security guard is alright, but its really hard to get ammo (the best way i could was to farm vent monster and try to find a hobo in the alleyways). 

But i mean, its not a super big problem and its still a good game. Can't wait for the full release.

Yeah, i get it, but i thought that i would get something special if no-one died. Instead, the game just kinda broke, and i feel it wouldn't be too hard to fix the problem.

Its actually pretty feasible to get past the first alleywayin one peice, but if you do, then youhave the crappy flee only delivery boy, and you cant even fire him.