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Oh nahh this bear is crazy

This was something else

W game

W game my boy
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this was a very unsettling casual game but good job

One of a kind game

fatherless activites

Nice Gameee

Cant wait for the full game!
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I like this, wish it was longer though

I have PTSD from this lol

Very Good Game

Pretty Scary game, Felt like I was on a Acid trip LOL

This was back a few months ago 

Nice game i should say


Nice game good job DEV

Oh thank youuu im probably going to try again thank you for watching my take on it

Nice game good job

Nice game buddy

Nice game :)

This was disgustingly good

Oh my lord this was scary
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P.T thats all i gotta say..


Appreciate the detail of this game this is a good representation of what PARALYSIS is like lololol

This was something else

This game was funny but creepy at the same time

I reallyu love this!

Glad to hear that im looking forward to it!

Ths game was nice

This is a good game and 100% no snakes

This is one of a kind, Cant wait till the game gets released

This Game Is Great Good Job On The Development And The Effort
Please watch this and comment And like I worked hard to edit this

This was a great game and it'll mean a lot if you guys watch my take on this game. Thank you <3

oh lord this looks awsome