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Huffer, Mage of Paint

A member registered Apr 04, 2017

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the dog with the... lets say suspicious itch (to avoid spoilers for anyone else who reads this) had me genuinely tearing up laughing

has serious Sludge Life vibes, hype to check this out c: 

when you click the tv does it just say something close to "can cum 0 times (balls empty!)" or do you get any distinct popups? 
never heard of wrinkled balls but i also sorta abuse imacheater.ic (or something close to that) 
besides that you might have to reload an earlier save if not full on restart (which 100% hoping against) 

walk, rest or semipillX or w/e from the med shop 

to put it simply: hype

at the very top in the middle of the photo theres a play button, not sure if its "available" for download

they had us in the first half, not gonna lie 

e x c i t e 

yes yes, that must be it, everyone is stupid and cannot read

my god, a genius among insects 

just like no one asked for your initial input 

criticism is okay, but when its just tailored to o n l y be nasty and not constructive at all, whats the sense of acting like a petulant child???? 

i called the wolved that raised you and they said even they raised you better than that

i was JUST about to say (essentially) that

s a m e tho 

ya spelled it fine my dude, no need to worry c:  

its pretty fun to get to the lil house just outside the graveyard, get pineapple gun, go through the cutscene or skip, then blast away for free juice off the rip (slowly investing into energy max and regen helps, more shots and more shots sooner = more juice = faster and more fun beginnings) 

thankyou thankyou c: i tried flying up and i guess i just got bored too fast 
looking forward to seeing the rest!

saw the name floating around in a few threads here, then saw a unique sword in one of the vids posted (the high monster level one, like 3.6k or something?) but i havent found it sadly. Spent a few hours playing it when it finally downloaded and only missed that and however you get back to school, anyone mind giving some insight/dropping some hints? 
((I really wanna experience this masterpiece 135%, dont wanna miss one lil smidge))

every button besides accept or w/e allows you to breed works
talk about frustrating -3-