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Hey there! Thanks for taking time out of your day to leave this comment. I made this game from a place of love and solidarity and your reply means a lot to me. 

Yes it is!

sorry i promise i will try harder next time haha

I used Ren'Py to make this game. It's a free vn software that has plenty of resources to help get you going:

Unity is another popular engine but I'm not as familiar with that one.

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to play it! And thanks for the feedback too!

the pov end (aka "secret end") can be achieved by entering the default name of the player character into the name box! you can find it in grace's friend end

Thanks so much for playing! I got the "chuckle at your screen as you watch confused lets players play the game" ending!

Haha oh wow, thanks for playing my game, and no need to be embarassed.

protip: try the middle button next time

omg this is amazing! It's so cool seeing my game played in a different language

thanks for playing! your reaction was pretty amusing haha

thanks for playing my game! 'preciate it!

thank you so much! the cover art is adorable btw

Thanks for taking the time to make a lets play! I really like the editing in the video :^)

Oh wow I finally got around to watching it and I gotta say this is probably one of the softest nicest lets plays I've seen. By the way at the funny joke part if you spam click the game will continue

I second that.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to make this. I really appreciate i!

this is probably one of the most hard-hitting lets plays i've seen. Thanks for sharing it w us, dude.

this is the best comment. I am printing this out and framing it on my wall

omg this is gr8. can I post this on my blog?

aaaaaaaaa thank you!

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I would like to publicly apologize...cleverapplications is real...i just can't spell rip

There are definitely more than two quick, abrupt endings. This is because there are 10 quick, abrupt endings! Except not all of them are quick and not all of them are abrupt. But yeah, keep digging! There's a lot more to do in this game than just dating the three main characters.

Hey there! To get Zane's ending, make sure to get everyone else's order wrong. During your break, go outside and wait for Zane to show up. After that, choose any option except "what". Good luck

hey, sorry about that. I was updating the game. the downloads should be back up.

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Gosh, thank you so much! I love watching your reactions lol

May I post this on my blog

heya! Calluna is the name of the player character. Her name doesn't come up at first because the pc is supposed to be generic. When you give her a name (in this case, Calluna), she is no longer a generic protagonist, and instead becomes her own character. So yeah, the act of naming in this game is treated as discovering/evoking one's identity or individuality, which is why she was able to reclaim her character :^)

I've got you covered

yeah here it is lol

oh my god this is unreal. thank you so much! Can I post this on my blog?

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hey there! You can send me an email at