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That worked on 64-b it Debian 9.2.  The only issue I found was that the game seems to refer to controller inputs (A button, B button, etc), but the game doesn't recognize input from my xbox 360 controller.  I was able to use the mouse though.

If possible, it would be nice to be able to turn off the inventory bar at the bottom of the screen most of the time unless the player pushes an inventory button (for example, the right mouse button) or hovers the mouse at the bottom of the screen.  Having it visible almost constantly confused me for a while and I spent far to long feeling like something was wrong and trying to turn it off.

I have a few requests / suggestions for Rubi.

1. Please provide a main menu option to Quit the game.

2. Pleas provide an option to turn off the hud.  (The brief popups that only last a second or two are ok.  I'd like to disable all the stuff in the top left corner so I can enjoy the game without a hud).

3. There's an enemy that looks like a floating purple blob that shoots homing energy balls that can go through walls.  Please change this enemy.  It's attacks are too difficult to avoid.  It's attack range is too high and I always take damage when trying to get close enough to attack it.  You could either remove that enemy, make it's attacks not go through walls, make it's attacks not home in on your character, and make it's attacks do much less damage.  That would make it feel much more balanced and enjoyable.   Note: it kept killing me even after I  upgraded my health as much as I could.  I don't have a problem with anything else in the game, just that one enemy type.

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The linux version won't work on 64-bit versions of linux.  Please post a 64-bit version without 32-bit dependencies to install (like some games do) or post a version that has both 32 and 64 bit binaries (in a zip file without the need to install, similar to what you did for the 32-bit version).

A few requests / suggestions that should be fairly easy to implement.

1. Please provide an option to toggle the hud off. 

2. Please provide an option to zoom in and move the viewing area down (so that the gameplay feels more centered like the preview videos on

3. The game feels a little too difficult.   The boss battle in particular dragged on too long.  Please provide difficulty options.  On average, the enemies feel about 4 times too strong.  So, if there were an easy mode where the weapons were stronger or the enemies were weaker (or both), that would be fantastic.

4.  Please give an option to remove the stamina / wait for using the bow and arrow repeatedly.

5. Please let players skip cutscenes.

6. The jump feels incredibly weak, often causing me to miss jumps.  To compensate, I have to double jump every time.  Please make the default jump about 30% - 50% higher (but, still also include the double jump).