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Has there been any significant update on MZ lately? I’ll test it later.

I’m probably not gonna add anything new to any of my plugins anymore.

Does the plugin header appear correctly on the plugin list? The map editor should enable the option automatically when the plugin is loaded correctly.

What is the terrain tag set to those tiles? The plugin should not touch any tile that has the tag set to zero.

I’m not taking code commissions.

RM’s original dev only left enough space to fit three extra tilesets there, to add more I would need to save the maps to a separate file or something like that. Nothing that can’t be done but I was trying to break as little as possible of the normal process.

I’ll update the plug-in tomorrow to make it compatible with older js versions and it should work then.

What are you using to run the game on android? My guess is that android is using an older version of Javascript and is not compatible with some command I use.

Try changing the priority value of those tiles. The layer in which they are used shouldn’t make a difference, only the priority value does.

I haven’t personally tested it on mobile, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

Hi Nissan, I’ve not been able to replicate the error with Altimit movement, can you make a small sample project where the error happens?

Hi, the other error you reported should’ve been fixed already. Do you still get that error?

I’ll take a look at the altimit movement plugin to see what can be conflicting. Expect a new update this weekend.

Use events for the large stuff instead of adding them to the parallax layer and it will work automagically, without needing any plugins.

I can't think of any use for such a plugin on parallax maps, what would you like the plugin to do?

Based on the error it seems like the plugin is trying to read the map data before it is loaded. Might be an incompatibility with another plugin, but I'll change it to ensure the map is fully loaded before doing anything with it.

I haven't tested it on mobile directly, but it should work without any issues. The only difference is that it will have two more files loaded in memory. 

I'm trying to come up with something to make it work with water autotiles too. The only thing I could think of was to create an option to let you use pieces of autotiles separately (like a 16x16 piece instead of a full 48x48 tile)

Hi, what are the license terms? Can I use a modified version of it on a commercial game?