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Yeah I forgot to respond but it still does the same exact thing. It defaults player 2 as having buttons assigned in gamepad setup and player 1 has no buttons setup so i assign the controller to player one it asks if i want to unbind from player 2 i select yes now all buttons are assigned on player 1 automatically. Now the gamepad works in main menu soon as the character select screen comes up the gamepad no longer works matter of fact no buttons work. If I bash a bunch of keyboard keys at the same time every once in a while it will jump to a different character on the select screen but that's it. Anyway thanks for trying game looks amazing I will try xpadder or something when I feel like installing it, was kinda hoping to get the gamepads working it looks like a great 2 player same screen game.

For the life of me i cant get gamepad to work on player one it detects it and assigns fine i choose gamepad player one in options. I go into gamepad setup and assign it to player one it works fine in the menu but soon as i go to the charactor select screen its no longer working and if i got back to gamepad mapping screen player 1 is no longer asigned its back to player two. Ive tried a xbox one, xbox 360, nvidia shield gamepad and a steam pad and they all work in menu just fine till i start game and then nothing. Any ideas?