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oh damn, I had no idea at all, guess I should have googled that

I enjoyed the sarcastic drinking buddy attitude of... what sounded like Nathan Drake. As others mentioned, it was quite laggy, perhaps a graphics option could have gone a long way, or occlusion culling if you didn't do that.

Other than that I tried playing through and can see the effort put in,  still enjoyable so nice work

Very cool take on the theme 👍, speedrunning possibilities of this could be insane if you were skilled enough.


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Pretty silly and fun, gave me a giggle

Yeah that's our bad. Not much tutorial :(

Very fun game where you get chased by spooky snail buggers!

Noted >:)

I really enjoyed this, this is the sort of stuff I hope to create one day. Well done bog and frog person.

Really liked the static effect, and the story was very intriguing!

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Thank you, my eyes hurt :)

(Very cool idea though)

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Thanks! Would you mind filling out the playtesting survey? I know it's been a while since you played it but would be much appreciated.

Also, the gorilla was going to be the boss at first, but I thought something larger would feel like a bigger threat.

Well swell. Very cool work guys with limited grunts and time. I definitely had fun dodging the enemies, and the platforming was well balanced and didn't get too hard too quickly. However, I was disappointed to discover that the enemies aren't called 'Gabagoolies'  (outrageous). It also reminded me to go buy batteries so thanks

Either way, if it was due to UI scaling idk, but you if you redownload the game you should be able to get past that screen by pressing any button

There should be a 'next' button in the top right, do you not see that, we should have made it press any button really though to be fair

It should be, I just downloaded the latest version and tested on Windows

stuff on here

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sorry my instructions must have been unclear, the gun is used to heal the snowman, the goal is to keep the snowman from dying due to it melting itself in the open windows which you can close, the instructions have been updated on the itchio page now.

Programmed By Sambamuel

Music by Joel Smith and Tommy Wright

Animation by Aaron Cornfield

Slimey Hatch Logo by Jess Childs

Designed By Harry Stott

Slimey Hatch is created and managed by Sambamuel