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It was on Epic a while back. 

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I really struggled to play this game as my hands can't do hard core dexterity platformers but I really fell in love with the dynamic song mechanic. Only when your character Quill flies, she will sing with the soundtrack.  Because of this singing mechanic, it is one of the headiest most thrilling flight mechanics I've had. The controllers were so tricky for me to even become mildly decent. It's not a deep game and there's definitely a lot of missed opportunity due to the limited indie budget, but because of the sheer joy the flying/singing brought me, this is the most memorable title in the bundle.

 The singing mechanic is described at 3:35 in this review:

I ended up rebuying the game on steam sale so I could get the excellent OST. They really should sell it more places...

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Any way to buy the soundtrack except through steam which still is listed as a DLC which requires the base game? 

I was looking for something wholesome non-violent to relax with and this review totally sold me.

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This game was unplayable for me at wedding ring as the freezes  even at 720P, no shadows, reflections. It barely makes 25fps when it runs, otherwise will constantly freeze. 

A redditor kindly told me to manually change the video driver and it has made all the difference:

"You could try playing in OpenGL by finding the OctodadConfig.xml file and editing it in notepad and saving while the game is closed. AppData is a hidden folder in windows, but you could type in the address:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Octodad Dadliest Catch

Change the value from 4 (DirectX 9.0) to 5 (OpenGL):

<int name="System\_VideoDriver" value="4" />

Otherwise you may try changing the number of physics threads in the game settings and restarting the game."