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Ah, ok

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I cannot leave the first room

Thank you!

I'm having a large amount of trouble finding the key for the Ice special level. I've already collected 31/33 eggs. Do you have any advice?

Re-entering the keycard pickup scene causes a softlock. Other than that, love the game.

That's funky

I like it


wow thats a rush

Just a few more minutes...

30Mins 44 seconds!

the nostalgia hit hard

It looks cool but I can't open it.

I liked the music. And the impromptu beats the buttons make.

Even if I set my board to be full of purple flasks and one pink flask, I'm still in "flask debt". Is this intended?

Oh, Thanks!

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I accidentally restarted and all I'm getting are purple zone enemies. I only have a sword. Is this intended?

When I replay the game through level select, the turbine in Factory doesn't turn back on. I'm lookin for secrets.

I can't get past floor 3

It's great but the homing arrows just make escape from little glances impossible.

found a level where there's a golden statue but I can's get to it because of chair. A chair! Great game tho.

That was fun

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I can't pick up the rotating C shaped thingie. Am I dumb??

I pressed all the buttons on my keyboard and mouse, and I tried walking into it. I cannot shift yet and I've got no clue what to do. Cool graphics tho.

This entire game has me going "That move that I just made was totally calculated and I am so smart" which is immediately followed by "Why is my health so low? PANIC PANIC"

Love it

The game loads, but the screen is black for the web version. Or at least the spinning ring of doom goes away.

These marshmallows seem pretty HOLY MOLY IS THAT A FINGER?! My Favorite!!

I love the game, but I just can't with the slow walk speed when carrying packages. Maybe I'm just impatient. Maybe I've been playing too many fast reaction games. Who knows?

Oh, Thanks! I thought it was only for the last level.

The first thing I did was break the music box... I just want turn off.... it's dark

The lightning level is my favorite. Having a challenge version of it would be awsome.

I just picked everything up like my pockets had hands and made the girl feel nice.

Love it!

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Houses are more expensive than passing laws to make sure that people can live normally. Jeebus. 

Not a game complaint or anything

Soooo, Streaming is throttleable. But TWatch is boostable? Contradiction? OK whatever, fun game tho

By the Gods the camera is sensitive!

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Are... are all the endings good endings? Cause that makes sooo much sense.

Pet da kitty / 10

Edit: Oh wait against the grain makes me feel so bad. I'm sorry kitties, the endings must.

One True Pairing

Opinionated True Pairing

Something Something I like this couple


Worship Cat WorShip CaT WoRShIp cAT W̷̧̬͓͎̑̉o̵̧̭̮̟̲̗͔̬̣̐͌̌̿̀͜͜ͅr̸͚̐̓́͒̾͗̍̍͘͜S̸̺̘͓͎̟̙̻̀͂̇̉̔Ḧ̴̠̠̮̰̦̦̝̺́͊̀͝i̷̳̗̻̇̂̾̎̍p̴̭̾͑͑́̈́͋̈́C̷̻͓̦͈̭̪̫̤̘͔͈̟̞̺̏̂͐̌̒̿̄̅͜A̵̧̧̱͙̙͚̫̬̞̬̲̳͌̌͐͛T̸̤̩́͌͛́̄͆

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I Gaussed a necro as soon as popped out of the ground by accident and got and the game crashed. It said something about a Webg exception or something.

I can't figure out how to move my foot harder. Great game though.

Me too! ;)