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Thanks for the reply; this is very valuable intel. You will not hear from me again until I achieve a score of 1000 or more. Talk to you soon

Very cool and stylish game :) I wonder what place I've gotten? (I must learn how far I am from achieving my goal of becoming the undisputed Honk'n'Bonk champion)

is this real?

A grid-based real-time bull-hell is not something I ever considered, but the execution is very well done and the movement is responsive. The game mechanics at play here show a lot of potential. Very good job!

I really like it.  Forced me think carefully about my positioning and movement. Gradually figuring out the mechanics and slaying the fabled Rhombicuboctahedron was very satisfying.  The presentation is simple and effective. The game is a good show of design competence, and the character's movement playing notes to the song is a yummy tasty extra detail that I really appreciate.

This game is very fun, and the concept is great. Getting big combos and stacking super high is greatly satisfying. The visuals and voice acting are very fun, and add a lot to my enjoyment of the game. 

Some criticism I have is that the perspective makes it hard for me to tell where the blocks are going to land, and which block is going to land first. something like the indicators changing shape or size as they get closer could be helpful.

Another issue I had was trying to tell how much health I had, andhow much health I regained after a combo. A health bar would be nice, but if you don't want to add one, having the low health effect at the bottom gradually fading in and out as I lose or regain health would make it a little easier for me to decipher how close I am to dying.

Still, I like the game a lot and I'm glad you made it.

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)