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foot loop

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LOL i just came back to this website and tried it again - it works just fine :) thank you for making this

so cute ! <3 are there any plans to make it downloadable for pc? my save slots have reset a few times 

a game

i love tihs so mcuh agefdhgdfgjfx diya-min ahhh

after fried tofu, how do we get out when we're done eating? i spammed nainai but nothing happens.

thank u!

congrats! love the game, ur doing well!

felt bad breaking his fingers and stretching her arm :(

i love this game oh my goodness htank you thank you thank you for making this crying screaming such an adorbale little game thnak you

is there any way to get a good ending w/ xyx? love nightowl :)

:( such a sweet little game

this is such an adorable little game 10/10

man i love g's voice

man this guy is philosophical

ur just lightheaded

well i'm playing papa's bakeria so yeah

love it

great job <3

i absolutely love this

i've played this like 40 times so far and i have no idea why

wonderful, i've played it around a dozen times by now, beautiful job!

dude you have serious talent

love the concept and how it's executed, lovely idle game <3

This is absolutely incredible. I love the storyline, the plot, how things can branch off, and all the different things you can do. A masterpiece, amazing job!

So fun! I love the concept and how it's executed! A well-spent 10 minutes.

This is absolutely amazing. I've played your other games, you're making huge progress! Ignore the hate and don't give up <33