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Thank you for responding and that is excellent news. I don't use pdf's so much, but I would buy and run this in a physical copy. Please do think about going the print on demand route, it would allow it to stay in print for a longer time, rather than instantly selling out in one printing. Thank you again.

Hello, is there any hope that this might somehow be offered in a print version? Thanks.

Thank you for responding. I was really only interested in the Texas stuff, so I bought the pdf, which I rarely do. It's very well worth it and easily used with any system, Western or Post-Apocalyptic without too much tweaking (We play Boot Hill). Despite the file size, there's a lot of meat there, a good story or three and a lot of points for inspiration. Thanks again.

I'll ask the same question of this title, that I asked about Broken System, is there any chance of purchasing a print copy? This looks very interesting to me, enough to buy a print copy, but pdf's really don't work for me.

Any chance this will be available in print somewhere, anywhere?

I know this is "name your price", I know this is a punk styled zine, I know I can print this out. But I genuinely *deeply* wish to purchase print copies of this from you and I believe others would as well. This is the best supplemental product to come out of the entire OSR, ever and I just keep coming back to it. Please, is there any way we can buy print copies?

It's looking unlikely,  I'm assuming those responsible have moved on to other newer projects. It's sort of a typical hazard dealing with artsy types. I'd love to be proven wrong. 

Has there been any further developments with purchasing physical copies in the US? Have you considered POD and just putting it up on Lulu or Drivethrurpg?

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