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Liked the game some good jump scares and decent plot have a video of my reaction here 

Just finished playing this game and I will say i like the premise of it along with the visuals but story and sound could use work but if those 2 were fixed this game would be top of the line. Here is my run through of the game. 

Just finished this game and I will say That it was pretty good I liked the premise and the concept of it. I have my reaction and full game right here. 

Just finished the demo and I love the premise of it. VHS style horror games always win me over but if you'd like you can watch my reaction here.

just finished playing the game and I can say it was pretty decent for the time playing the atmosphere and premise of the game was very creepy the ending was not what I was expecting but I have a playthrough and live reaction of it .

Loved the atmosphere of the game took awhile for me to get the hang of the controls but love the concept of the game as well check out my video of the playthrough. 

Liked the game I thought there was a alternate ending but I guess not lol. I recorded a video of my reaction if you guys want to check it out.

Just finished playing the game and really was impressed with it. Great game , great atmosphere and creepy setting would recommend to anyone.  Here's the video if anyone wants to watch. 

Liked the game, creepy at first but the tension wore off after a little while still thought it was a pretty solid game. 

Loved the atmosphere of this game along with the music fits it perfectly. It wasn't the scariest game but still enjoyed the experience here is the link to my gameplay and reaction.

Recorded my reaction tot eh game. I liked it was confused at first but then realized what to do lol. Great game for it to be made in 2 days. 

Liked the game was short and scary basically the 2 things I love in horror games lol. Recorded gameplay of it if anyways wants to check it out. 

I played this game twice lol I forgot to record the first gameplay so I had to run it up again but it was no problem. I encountered no bugs which was great but the atmosphere and story really had me interested I will leave the video here if you want to check it out. 

Just recorded gameplay on this game had some good scares which there was more story and understanding to it though.

Have my reaction and full gameplay recorded. Liked the game had some good jumpscares in the game wish there was a little more story to the game though. 

Dropped a video on the full game and review of it seemed pretty nice. Honestly was not what I was expecting lol 

Liked the game great atmosphere and creepy enemy!! I don't see many third person horror games so I really liked that.  Have gameplay of my reaction here

Great game can't wait for the third one