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i mean it probably is from the new friend's point of view since one of the endings has a book of the king in yellow in the basement where they are

but still

wyh post this on a game platform post this on wattpad b  idot

ah. well this game doesnt have an apk file packaged with it so youll need to wait some time. while you wait, try the game out on lowest settings and if it doesnt work then idk man

well i mean can't but maybe a brave warrior can. oh but if youre gonna want to get it though there's a 99% chance youll have to sideload it which will require a cable so it's better to just play it from steamvr with a usb 2/3 cable lmak

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yo if you wanna get this on your quest from sidequest there should be a button at the top labeled "install apk file from folder on computer" hope that helps

ran it on  a low budget gpu (gtx 745) on low settings with relative ease so this shouldnt be that demanding when it comes to graphics and stuff, im sure it's going to be different but it wouldnt hurt to just try and see. many people tell me things dont work with my gpu but when i try them theyre wrong, so it usually all comes down to specifics. see if itll run and then youve got your answer. hope that helps


i dont think  a game liek this that lets you look up a loli's skirt would be allowed in the oculus store but on sidequest maybe. ive tried this on link tho with rift controls and the controls and everything went smoothly with some shared keybindings so i think there's a chance

this was an experience. i dont know what that ghostly apparition was doing in my house but she was cute and this was a fun game in vr. thank you for this

mega funy, had a blast!!!!!! btw, is it possible for someone to find the secret qr code that's intentionally shaking to prevent you from scanning it? 


ah ok, yeah i've encountered this with a few other games on itch after i posted this. thanks for the help!

it labels it as a virus wtf

thank you! i really appreciate it ^_^

this game is so goofy and fun i love it

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i love the "Just like free, but 100% off to attract more views" discount thing. lol

this is beautiful. i NEED to know how you made this. words can not describe just how much of a work of art this is. good job verry

when will you people learn it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a chromebook version of this app

chromebooks suck, either youre using one because youre broke or you thought it was better than windows mac or linux, boy are you wrong


never, he has stated an android verision is never coming out

hey guys the itch version is no longer in development, get the version on steam

not sure if guns will be added, i think jadon wants to keep this family friendly as possible

it's already a feature, just download maps and import them and you can play them

just decrease the resolution and make it windowed, it REALLY helps

ohh man this seems worth the price i hope i can be able to get it soon

haha thanks

took u long enough to reply

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I have an Intel HD graphics card. By the way, sorry for the late response.

and does it support things like sudomemo??????? or is it just for sharing with friends and stuff

I'm kinda confused at how to input server urls, is there any formatting I have to do?

When I opened it first, it stopped responding and closed, and it no longer starts anymore. Any help? 


also my eyes hurt

you should use gamemaker its expensive but it's worth it

The third word of your comment

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thanks dude!! without me seeing this i probably wouldnt of been reminded to work on the game, your support matters a lot to me!

Also, a while ago i thought up of a very bad game idea in my head:

Five Nights at Hello Bendy's Basics in Undertale and Doki Doki Fortnite Club

enjoy the free idea

(p.s i was very stuppid not to download this game here you go free downlad with this amazing starter pack)

(ignore the edits, just fixing adding things i am very productive yknowwwwwwwwwwwwww)

did you copy and paste