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I have an Intel HD graphics card. By the way, sorry for the late response.

and does it support things like sudomemo??????? or is it just for sharing with friends and stuff

I'm kinda confused at how to input server urls, is there any formatting I have to do?

When I opened it first, it stopped responding and closed, and it no longer starts anymore. Any help? 


also my eyes hurt

you should use gamemaker its expensive but it's worth it

The third word of your comment

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thanks dude!! without me seeing this i probably wouldnt of been reminded to work on the game, your support matters a lot to me!

Also, a while ago i thought up of a very bad game idea in my head:

Five Nights at Hello Bendy's Basics in Undertale and Doki Doki Fortnite Club

enjoy the free idea

(p.s i was very stuppid not to download this game here you go free downlad with this amazing starter pack)

(ignore the edits, just fixing adding things i am very productive yknowwwwwwwwwwwwww)

might consider it :/

did you copy and paste


first it was my game

now this

the human race has evolved

I reinstalled it and it worked, thanks a lot!

tattle tail is basically superintendent

you also copied from the roblox version but i guess it would be nice to have those in the game

also the nurse would be the only nice person in the game


yes i understand your point here because i am bisexual, but i don't really care about the game it's really fun and i enjoy playing it and sometimes it kind of makes me feel better (hopefully i'm not the only one who feels that way xD)

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I'm trying to find itch using cortana and my file explorer but I just can't find it! How do I launch it? Thanks!

Note: It's not the SETUP, it's the app itself. It didn't create a shortcut but I can see it in the games labeled "itch" but I don't know how to launch it from there. I don't want to have to take up more space so i'm just being cautious because i'm wondering if itchSetup launches it.