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Ryan Hoye

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Clever puzzles and fun writing! 

Wow this game is addictive! Reached 436 on hard mode. If only I could focus this hard on my work. 

No less comfortable than how I hold it the other way. And there’s enough of a border that nothing gets covered by my thumb. I will admit, though, I’m 6’ tall so people with smaller hand may have a different experience. After playing for 2 days, this game would feel way too cramped on the screen in normal orientation. 

Once I found a comfortable hand position, it played great! Pressing the B button with my d-pad thumb is what really makes it work.

That was fun! I’m Looking forward to watching the story progress!

Easily worth the $10! I’m engaged in the characters and the flower business aspect is enjoyable. It’s just positive and chill, exactly what I want when I pull out the playdate for a quick 5 minute break. 

I'm so looking forward to this one!