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though i cant pass the jump with spike in the wall, its a really good game with a good design! it kinda reminds me of portal but anyway,

You are incredible!

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oh wow, you can still do tasks in there? and btw can impostors kill you inside the wall? that would be crazy

this game is perfect, honestly, I never thought that a game of deception and lies could have maps, missions, a actual place that you move around instead of just a singular background, Among Us is the best game of deception and lies I ever played. And I have been thinking of what could have in among us besides other maps, story, etc; and one idea that crossed my mind is actually a bit crazy, a board/card game of among us, I dont know if that can be done, but one thing I'm sure is that is possible, I dont wanna say too much cause it's very easy to think a card system for a card game especially among us, everyone recieved a role card, they could move to areas that are close to the room they are for example is you in cafeteria, you can move to upper engine, med bay and weapons. you could do your tasks that depending of the task it needs some time to be done like if you are downloading something you would have to do nothing for 2 turns or something,some tasks might tell everyone that you are good like the body scan, in the end of the turn everyone put a sabotage card on the table(of course, the crew cards of sabotage do nothing, it's just to mix the cards) and the sabotage have few turns until the impostors win, and there it goes, because the ghost still do things, the dead player still move around, but their body's can be found...

well, that's just a option that I like so among us can be played without internet or cellphones, and games like among us are really funny to play with friends or family.And a card game is a good way that I found to reach that.

i appreciate any kind of response 

(oh god that's the largest thing I ever wrote)