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ta buen

:C im scarred 

:0!!! so nice!! fuck yeah

A good game, whit good optimization and a fucking... FUCK i need it! when you put this on Steam i need buy it! i like so mutch

siren head its popular now, and we have so mutch fangames but... You are the fucking original :D 

Siren head its now a SCP!! 

oooh fuck, so scarry, rlly nice game!! i like so mutch

a rally good experience!

Please, more. We need more

sorry for bothering, this game too ist so good, it's scarry, i had to down the volume in some parts, the ONLY problem i found, the optimization, i like so mutch the pixel firts person, and you have talent.

(i don't want to press, but if you can put you'r games in Steam, im delighted gonna pay four they [Steam four thinks of the contry]) ¡Good Luck!

Super Nice game, i love the immersion