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Now that i tried again for a while, more difficult part for me is "catching" the small segment of a wall between spikes while falling from a higher place. As in while my falling momentum is greater. But with practice I'm getting better.

Key for steps 5 and 7 is to press and hold opposite movement direction just a fraction of a moment after jumping from wall.


3, 5 and 7. In short the steps, where you have to reverse your momentum. I get it's a skill thing and just about practice. The one time I got through all the steps to the next part I just panicked and jumped to a tile that wanished :) But from what i saw that part is mainly just about timing and not too much skill.

FFFUUUUUU.... ther's more after this section. *frustrated smiley face after once traversing this section after hour of trying :)

I got to step 2, but step 3 seemed impossible. Finally i landed it once, so i know is possible. Thanks

Can someone plz give me an advice on how to do the green part where you (i think) will get double jump? The part with vertical on/off blocks with spikes on top and bottom.

Great pure platformer metroidvania. Would appreciate custom controlls and save.

First you need to go to the bouncy thing with hat above the two large snails. There use the double jump to get on the ledge above the bouncy thing. Then go left as far as possible through a room with all the bouncy things that you scanned thus far. After that room is a bear and some bouncy flowers. To the left of the bottom parts of the flowers (one screen below the tops of the flowers) is a secret passage to a blind room (you need to scan for ground). There you must get to the top left via some clouds. There you will transit to room on the left where you will fall. There is a whole new area after that and from there you can through some more rooms fall through to the top right of the map. Haven't played for a while, so I'm notu sure about the last part, but the whole route is quite convoluted and long.

You're welcome :)

ahem...  :)

I know time is a social construct, but can we please get a status update?

tried again. now it runs fine in ff (but not in fullscrean). One little issue: if you move but not move your mouse, the cursor stays in the same position in the environment while the camera moves. Once you move your mouse a little it appears in position of the cursor.

I tried it in ff, chrome and edge. Best running in edge but still a little jerky. I struggled a bit with figuring out the torch thingy. Hold right mouse button to summon it to you (into your hand), click left mouse button to throw. The boss: get up and don't go down. You can light the lower torches by throwing and not fully summoning your torch (intermittent right clickright click).

it is. thanks

Now the game doesn't load. Or it does load (progress bar fills), but then there is only black screen. (Tried FF, Edge, Chrome) :(

when I fall to the wall jump I clip through the floor and any movement makes me disappear. I tried twice. nce i also clipped through the floor when going to the cave with dash on the first long fall.

I was blind. Hint: all the way to the left. Cave

I'm in the same predicament. Creator pls help

Hooray, new update. Are there any new areas available?


Any update on progress? (no pressure :) )

Found a soft lock. I was trying to find a way to create S or Z, and at the place where you get L shape (number 3) I tried using I shape (number 8) and put myself in a bit of a bind :)

Hi, is there a way to scan the cloud in 5.7?

And is there an easier way to get to 1.6 than by double jump from 2.5 to 2.6? By trying this jump i sometimes fall down by the waterfall and have to either go very long way around back or quit and start again at save at 1.8.

I found another way (although a little complicated) through the secret passage under the bear with the tall bouncy flowers

Hi, can anyone please give me a hint how to get to 2.6 if it's possible? From 2.5 I can't get to the right (too high jump). I managed to get to the narrow horizontal tunnel in 3.5 (the one that the topmost bird flies through) and throug it to 3.6, but there seems to be no way to ride that bird to jump up from 3.6 to 2.6.

i was missing information that Chris Zerotani provided. That i can pres jump amd dash simultaneously. I was trying to dash at the highest point of a jump, which is less effective than dash+jump simultaneously.

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I can't get up in the glass/ice area (where ther is boundary missing on the right) and i can't get out of this area through the ledges and spikes area. Can someone help please? i have strong hands, dash down, dash forward and vines upgrades. Is there some mechanic i am missing?

edit: i also have the ledges upgrade.

Thanks, I totally missed that one.

I don't mean the three piece key, but the two piece secret one for the secret door

Hi, could you please give a hint about location of the second part of the secret key? I have the one from deep down.