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A member registered Feb 23, 2017

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Excelent game, spent like 2-3 hours on this before finishing, played both the v2 and v3. I will be donating as soon as i fix my credit card, this is one of the best hentai games i have played so far, and i have played a lot(most of them).

Do you have a patreon? If you don't, should create one, i would happily donate every month.

Here's what a liked from the new version:

-V2 combat was way to easy, not very dinamic, your new idea of the grapple attacks\cloth loss was insanely smart, now you have to think twice before letting your LP raise.

-Game's length has increased a lot, every stage\map has something new and that keeps the game exciting.

-Map system greatly improved gameplay, now we don't have to memorize the stage so we don't get lost.

-Battle speed increase was nice as well, the only thing that I didn't like was that the animation from the "Raise LP atacks" from the monsters faded to quickly so we don't have time to "appreciate it".

Suggestions for future updates


--Yell skill is bit to powerfull, should nerf it a little bit.

--Uppercut skill is bit to powerfull, should nerf it a little bit.

--Heat skill should make the player vulnerable for next turn since it has a great bennefit(lowering your lp by 30).

--Defensive Stance's Hp regen should be nerfed as well.

--Ofensive Stance's second hit damage is to strong.

--The Normal Stance's kinda useless since the others stances are way much better.

--Monters should still use "Raise LP Attacks" even if you have no clothes, but do damage to HP instead of LP when you are naked.

--Bosses need to be stronger and i would enjoy if some of them had Lewd attacks.

--Maybe implement combat against two enemys at the same time?


--Map should show walls\inacessible areas and have a icon for when you find a door.

--Main character should have a "Level" and your HP should increase only whith it(not gaining 1 HP after every battle).

--Monsters should get a little stronger as player level increases(fightning the same monster should get easier every time, but not as easy as it is right now, they should get a minor powerup).

--The game needs a gallery, going back in the game just to see a especific animation again is boring.

--Itens should not grant permanent stat increase, stats should be harder to achieve.


--How about hidden traps on walls?