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Bro, this game turned out to be better than I expected. Nice job.

Here's my video on it. I like it so far.

Here's my video.

First video on the game.

Bro, this game was very well-made.

I didn't think this was get disturbing to the point where I'm actually freaked out.

I didn't think it'll turn out to be that horrific but damn, it did.

Here's my video.

After playing Good Job!, I had to check out some of your other games, and I'm glad I did because this one is good. Straightforward and sweet.

Also...the girl not thinking "straight"...come on, I hope you weren't intending to slip that under my radar because it didn't ;)

I made a video.

So I finally decided to give this game a shot and let's just say I'm thoroughly impressed.


I really enjoyed this game, simplistic as it was. Here's my video.

I ended up enjoying the game as much as I thought I would, being a murder simulator lol. Good Job! (get it?)

I see why many people like this game now haha! Nice job.

Hey Danielle! Here's my video on your game. Bro, that was nicely put together!

Here's my video on the game. Gonna be honest, I wasn't sure if I was playing correctly but I ended up finishing it haha! I really liked the variety of areas.

First episode.

Hey Danielle, this is a little surprise. I was able to play your game and I liked it :D

I gotta say, I'm only 20 minutes in and this game has me wowed with everything. I might just have to finish it to the end...

Here's my video.

Yo, here's my viedo.

here's my video.

I have found a new playmate!! UwU His name is Houssem. We even recorded our hangout!

Please check it out! Or else...

Second video is up. I can now say I got to play an unorthodox boss fight haha. You never cease to amaze me honestly.

So I'm not sure how well I did as someone who dived in blind and spent 15 minutes rereading the instructions hehe but I'm really intrigued now and I'll have the second part up soon. I'll probably talk more about it in the Discord server but for now, enjoy my first part.

Here's my video. Got both endings: 

Here's my video:

I made a video on the game. Really enjoyed it.

Had I known I was minutes away from the ending, I would've pressed on. Oh well.

Here's my first video.

Yeah, my computer does that. I did still have fun indeed though.

I gave it a go.

Here's my video.

Here's my video on it.

I gave it a go...

You know that moment when you're browsing for games and you see a recent one by one of your favorite developers and you decide to record a video to support them? Yeah, this is the case here.

Firstly, I'd like to start off by applauding the Japanese pun in the title. It was clever and I love it.

Secondly, the fact that you managed to make an interesting story in 10 minutes playtime is crazy. That's like one of the skills I want to master as a writer and storyteller.

I don't have much to say here other than, good job. I'm amazed and I love it. Thank you for bringing this to us, Banya. I'm so happy to see you still going hard with making games. Never stop, I'll always be here to support you.

Let's talk again soon! Bye!

Here's my video.

I gave it a go...

I gave it a go...