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I literally have no words. I'm just gonna put the video here and be on my merry way.

But seriously, this one was pretty good. Good job.

P.S: Sorry the ending got cut short and some parts were laggy. I have no idea what happened with OBS.

here's my first part on it:

Here's my video on it: 

Really cute and simple! I like it!

First video on the game and it's so cute! And don't think I didn't get that Lonely Wolf Treat reference, you sly dev. I love that series tbh.

It's very cute! I like it!

I like it, but then I get a little frustrated but overall, good game.

Loved it.


I have no words...That means it's good tho! But

Hey, this one is unique!

First video on the game. It hits hard. Good one.

Here's my video on it.

first vid on it and im already freaked out...good game

First video for this game. I quite enjoyed it.

I am impressed with how well this looks and was put together in a simplistic game maker. And I love how much potential it has to be relatable to the player (I can relate on certain levels).

I loved how unique this one was. Good job.

I managed to put this and Room Escape into one video! I loved both games.

I managed to put this and Weather Report into one video! I loved both games!

So this is unusual but I feel like anything game-related should go here, right?

Outside of making videos, I'm also a writer and I loved this game so much that I made a little something about it. I guess it could be considered the first fanwork for the game?

I do sincerely hope you like it, and don't think it's weird that I did this lol.

Have a nice day.

The first video on this game. I liked the art style and story. Good job on this one.

I made a small video on this. Really reminded me of Getting Over It, rage games, man. Anyways, it was good!

Here's my video on it.
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Here's my gameplay on this game. I really liked it.

Here's my video on this game. Really bizarre stuff.

I like it quite a bit!

Hi, I enjoyed your game! I'm so glad one of my subs recommended it!

Hi, here's my video on this game:

I love those kind of games! Here's my video on it:

I don't know if it's because I took less time going to explore or take quests, but it feels like this demo ended earlier than I remember last time I played. Either way, I still love it! And I'm looking forward to the full release.

Hello, I really like these kind of games. Here's my video on it:

I only managed to get two endings but I liked it nonetheless.

Here is my video on this game. I really liked it!

Longest one so far!

I made a video and played your game. It's a 2:37.

Hello I made a little video on this game.

Cassandra and Masame joined your party!

Hello, I liked your game and did a video on it.

Hi, I love this game.

Raphael is saved.