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You artists who have managed to gather your mental resources and publish and succeed always inspire me! I am an artist, and at 50 years old, I am really trying to push myself past my blockage and get out there and DO IT! I have been posting on youtube my artwork from the past and my current, now digital, stuff. I will include a link, if you would care to see what i can do. Don't feel obigated, I know you are busy. lol

I LOVE "Call Me Yours". I look forward to this comic! Your artwork and characters are so genuine. Please keep creating!

so very nice. I bookmarked it so i can come back and listen whenever i need to. Thank you for sharing it with me!

Wow! I never realized that you are one of the composers for the VN, too! What a great set of talents you have!

there are a few people ahead of you. Please be patient and I will let you know when you come up.

   Again, thanks for the opportunity!


   So! Been a little while where i was learning and getting familiar with my digital format. I am doing some fanart and avatars for people now. I currently have seven on commission for people i like or who have inspired me. Freebies where i get used to doing commissions and "work".  My first is now up on my channel. I give a month before i post so the owner can show it off on their own before i post it.

   Along those lines, may i give your bear avatar a shot in my style? No charge, of course, as >>I<< am asking >>YOU<<! I won't do it if you say no, just basic courtesy, in my opinion.  If you want to see what my digital style looks like, go to my channel and look for "Gifts for Friends".

  Take care!

Welcome back! Take care of your mental self, it needs love, too!


Not to pester as I know creators are busy people, but would you check out my youtube? I post some of my artwork there. Pen and Ink with Watercolor. Ijust went digital and haven't posted any of that, yet.  No pressure or worries if you don't want to. :)

I Love your Avatar on, Gruntsteel!! We need more Bears!!

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Thanks! Looking forward to opening it up and starting it! I have had you on my "To-do" list for a little while now!

   I just read this story a few days ago. I wanted to think before i wrote.

   The story between Carl and Flynn tied in nicely with Echo and explained a lot of the backstory between these two characters.

   However, the ending and it's happiness only made their two routes seem even more sad to me. This coming from the experience of having read their routes already. 

   Thank you, Creators, for sharing this experience with us. It meant a lot to me.

   Thank you.

Just finished my third reading of Adastra collecting the Gallery and endings. 

I still belly-sobbed each time. 

   The creators of this Echo-verse story have once again created characters that make you want to believe in and have in your own life. The artists and writers combined to make such memorable figures that it was easy to empathize and experience the story as if you were there and invested in what was happening.

   As I say each time i finish a Echo-verse story: Thank you so much, creators, for creating and sharing this experience with us. 

Thank you.

Nice ending on FIFO. 

The Dad. LMAO!

Thank you for taking us with you on this ride, Bro Kow Ski. I appreciated it. Definitely looking forward to your next story! It sounds exciting!

You have inspired me to try and write a focused story on how I and my significant friend met and our relationship grew. Scripting is actually really hard! All the stuff that turns out to be unimportant to the larger story. You have a great deal of respect from me for the works you write and illustrate.  

Thanks for inspiring me! I'll try to give it a shot!


Swift recovery! Thanks for the heads-up! We will be here waiting for your return.

Itch just seems to not even see there is a version to download. Manual download works just fine. Just not through the App.

Enjoy your vacation! Restore yourself! We'll wait for ya! 

I can't get the Itch app to download or recognize the game. Anyone else have that problem? I can download it manually from the site, but not the App.

Thanks for letting us know. I hope Nik and the rest of you guys stay safe and healthy!

I went to Patreon and support the creators there and get monthly updates. It is well worth it in my humble opinion.  The people are really nice and helpful with their community.

Just my input.

Please, to all the artists and writers for this project, "Echo". 

Thank you for your efforts. This work is amazing in it's psychology. I read each route. You wrung me out and left me shaken and hollow. You made me question what exactly was a good ending. Is there such a thing?

Please accept my gratitude for a well thought out and written, illustrated project. <kneeling bow>


Thank you, Bro Kow Ski. 

Wow. That wasn't the ending that i had thought! But, i am happy with it.  

Thank you for sharing your artwork and storytelling with us, Sir. I TRULY enjoyed FIFO. 

I hope for a chance to occasionally reconnect with the characters. Yes? 

I read the interview. Great topics and great replies! Well thought out. I think you represented yourself and the community very well!

Thank you for the clarification. Maybe pin this to the top of the discussions so more people can read this first? But, yeah, it IS already in your description. So, MEh. It just sucks that people may be impatient. On the bright side, it means they like your work!


Thank you guys so much!

"Suffer Joyously"

And i do!

Jan.8th. That was a great addition to the story. i had my feeling up there. you did good, Bro Kow Ski. <nods>

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for creating and sharing your games!

House Goat

Thanks for the support Bro Kow Ski!

Thanks! I am looking forward to it!

i, too, am an artist and since i was a kid <i'm 50 now> i have wanted to do a comic or a brief series.  you inspire me to do that. I am writing the character backgrounds and some storyline now as i go.  

If you would like to see some of my artwork, i have it on youtube:

Check it out if you have time!

House Goat

Hi. This VN made me sob from my belly with tears running through me beard to fall on my chest and lap. Great big sobs. 

   I cry. Yes, i do. But never sob from my belly button like Adastra made me do!

   Creative Team. Be proud of yourself.  this was an amazing piece of writing. 

   Thank you for creating it and sharing it with us. 

Thank you.

House Goat 

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I did Leo's route first. Of course! Poignant.

I'm in Jenna's route. WTF?!?!!?!?!?!

I think I'll do Flynn next.  Edit: Oh...oh,my.  Such...feelings. i cried. Hard.

It just keeps getting worse!

Carl is next.

I have enjoyed following you on and look forward to more. 

Thank you for creating and sharing with us. 

House Goat

I have really enjoyed Minotaur Hotel!!

So, Thank you Creative Team, for all your work up to date!! I have appreciated it and look forward to a beneficial and productive New Year with you all!


FIFO community · Created a new topic Thanks for 2021

Thanks for creating and sharing  your works with us, Bro Kow Ski!!

I have really appreciated reading and enjoying your works and look forward to more in the next year, 2022!!

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!

House Goat

LOL. "Use soap next time, yas" oh, too true!

Quality over quantity, Dirk. We appreciate taking a longer approach and letting your specialists handle their end of the project. 

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This was too much nerdy fun! You have to be a gamer to be able to pull off this story. Too much! Thank you so much for posting this!