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Hello, Echo Project!

   Are there any plans on doing a 1 year anniversary release for Adastra as was done with Echo? Just curious as I know it would be very well received.

Hello, Keo. Sorry for random message. You and I had spoken once a couple of months ago about your music and you sent a link to bandcamp. I am going to be streaming on Picarto and would like to have your music in the background with your permission. You will have an image in a frame and a "Now Playing" naming the song. This will only happen with your permission. Thank you!

IMO: 1's horns + 2's eyebrows + 3's everything else.

Just my artists eye.

Thanks for letting us in that community experience this with you! It was quite the learning experience. I never knew what goes into one of these!

Thank you. I know what it is like to miss loved ones, too. *Hug*

Bring it!

Thank you! VERY informative. 

Thanks for the update! I am looking forward to it!

Thanks for thinking of us and letting us know what is happening! I hope peace returns soon. Not just for the VN, but for the world's sake!

Thank you. This was VERY informative. I learned so much! These topical updates you create are always so full of information. 

   Of course! I am an artist, too! I know how much honest feedback means to us! If you didn't have a nice product, I wouldn't have said anything at all! 

Keep up the Great Work! are making the game...BETTER. If anyone complains, just trust the rest of us to put them back in line. lol

   Thank you for your hard work and the effort to polish your already great game!

I like what you have so far! Keep it coming!

   Thanks for the heads up. Yes, some people are negatively triggered by such topics. I, however, am now looking even more to seeing where you are going to take us!

Please let your graphic artist know he has done an incredible job! Right off the bat, your characters are approachable. The whole team did a great job, but the artwork is what we interactive with first. The writers also did a bang up job. The characters are people I would like to interact with and learn more about!

   I will be looking forward to great things from you and your team!

WOW!!! What a great introduction you have made with your VN! Such great quality artwork! Such a fun story so far! 

   I am looking forward to seeing how your group unfolds the story.

   The Main Character is very handsome BTW...just saying ;)

Sounds like you are already more than ready to see who is available on the community here! Go and browse the community button up-top here and see what is being talked about! There are a lot of people offering their help for beginning VN's!

   Just think of what you would like to see and write a rough draft of it. Then go over it a time or two and then have someone review after that! Pick a funny scenario from your past. That usually works pretty well and bring it to life! The community here has people who would love to help you create a Adult/mature VN! Plus, it helps everyone out!

   The older crowd would have more life experiences and interesting points of view in life. Plus, a tendency to be more physically interesting! heh! (smoking his pipe)

Anamnesis community · Created a new topic Older Furries

   Thanks for creating a story about an older furry! I am 50 and the stories of the younger characters don't always relate that much. lol. They are fine in their own right, but sometimes us older furries like to be thought of as well!

Thank you!

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Thank you guys so much for this! I was laughing my butt off reading this! I CANNOT WAIT for the next installment! 

   The ARTWORK, the ANIMATION, the MUSIC!!! Praises upon Praises to you folks for creating this!

   Hello, Nanoff! I love your comics and "Boomer's Big Date" got me started on them. 

   So, I was wondering. You have been running BMZ in the background for awhile now. Is there any way you could update the BMZ you have available on so to make it accessible to those who haven't been able to follow it elsewhere?

   I think i speak for the rest of us, it would be appreciated!

   Please, do you. I, too, am an artist. I understand the burnout and dissatisfaction that comes with burnout. Take a break. Rest. Rediscover your joy. I took several years off artwork. When i came back, it was with a renewed wonder and joy.

   Go find your joy! We will be here if or when you come back!

   P.S. I really enjoy this VN!

   Painting update: Novice ambition! I took too many commissions at once! I am running a bit behind. It looks like your painting can begin tentatively around the 2-3 week of November. I DO apologize for the delay! I am trying for 2-3 weeks per project.  There are 4.5 projects ahead of you. <sheepish grin>

   I look forward to beginning your project!

Hi! Welcome to the Itch community! I love seeing new artists and their projects! 

I am so glad you have been so well received. Heart-warming! 

I will be looking forward to your next project!

Hiya, Nanoff!

   I loved, "Boomer's Big Date." This story is just as good on it's own merits! As other people have mentioned, you have greatly improved in your artistic talents. 

   People like you who are able to perservere and finish projects truly inspire me to go out and do one of my own. Thank you for your efforts and for existing.

   Thanks for publishing and making this available to us! 

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You artists who have managed to gather your mental resources and publish and succeed always inspire me! I am an artist, and at 50 years old, I am really trying to push myself past my blockage and get out there and DO IT! I have been posting on youtube my artwork from the past and my current, now digital, stuff. I will include a link, if you would care to see what i can do. Don't feel obigated, I know you are busy. lol

I LOVE "Call Me Yours". I look forward to this comic! Your artwork and characters are so genuine. Please keep creating!

so very nice. I bookmarked it so i can come back and listen whenever i need to. Thank you for sharing it with me!

Wow! I never realized that you are one of the composers for the VN, too! What a great set of talents you have!

there are a few people ahead of you. Please be patient and I will let you know when you come up.

   Again, thanks for the opportunity!


   So! Been a little while where i was learning and getting familiar with my digital format. I am doing some fanart and avatars for people now. I currently have seven on commission for people i like or who have inspired me. Freebies where i get used to doing commissions and "work".  My first is now up on my channel. I give a month before i post so the owner can show it off on their own before i post it.

   Along those lines, may i give your bear avatar a shot in my style? No charge, of course, as >>I<< am asking >>YOU<<! I won't do it if you say no, just basic courtesy, in my opinion.  If you want to see what my digital style looks like, go to my channel and look for "Gifts for Friends".

  Take care!

Welcome back! Take care of your mental self, it needs love, too!


Not to pester as I know creators are busy people, but would you check out my youtube? I post some of my artwork there. Pen and Ink with Watercolor. Ijust went digital and haven't posted any of that, yet.  No pressure or worries if you don't want to. :)

I Love your Avatar on, Gruntsteel!! We need more Bears!!

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Thanks! Looking forward to opening it up and starting it! I have had you on my "To-do" list for a little while now!

   I just read this story a few days ago. I wanted to think before i wrote.

   The story between Carl and Flynn tied in nicely with Echo and explained a lot of the backstory between these two characters.

   However, the ending and it's happiness only made their two routes seem even more sad to me. This coming from the experience of having read their routes already. 

   Thank you, Creators, for sharing this experience with us. It meant a lot to me.

   Thank you.