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Ooh another extra...? You tease 馃惣馃槝

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Oh are we gonna get a "special thank you" from the buck chef? Looking forward to it croco

Look after your own health, I hope you can pull through, feeling that drag to do things is rough. Just do your best and don't let it ruin anything you love. Take your time and I'll look forward to good news

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I don't remember him asking, there was talk of being tired and needing to visit the inn, so I went over and had the coffee interaction. Can we open a conversation and ask again?

Yeah I thought that was it but it's still always locked

This was a pretty awesome and substantial update. I loved it! I am having one issue dealing with finding the office after dark when the man in charge isn't busy?

Dang it!  Oh well maybe I'll go back someday.  My saves are a mess 馃槀

What was his "hand drawing" was it priceless? 馃槂

That ending was wild, I can't believe I got scolded like that by Alon, FOR THAT 馃ぃ Still it was hilarious and the best.  But now I'm questioning what I missed...did anyone "take his deal"?

Great for my birthday to have my favorite boi return (love Gran too) he's such a good boi

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Favorite between Alexi and Master Cat, one pure hearted and good while the other dominating and dark. After this build that is unchanged, Alexi is so precious, need more from him too. Visiting the east dungeon with him sounds "promising"

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First time trying and in the first few minutes I'm already sad.  Cute handsome badger...why...he was so cool.  Poor Templar...well here's hoping Superfang can fill this hole.  Main character rubs me the wrong way sometimes but still fine

Alright thanks

From the dragon or the king?  Or are both required?

How do we get the last locked scene for the characters? How do we unlock it?

Alexi is next update .20 now that I can't wait for. Then again I hope we get to see a lot more of these other mages trying to get in like us. Gives us more time to see them. If only "master" was a mage too I could see him again LoL

This was pretty interesting update, nothing big but still nice, it just makes me sad to know how this'll end for the Rhino.  I really liked his design and its gonna be a shame for this to end for him

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Is the gator guy a date option, I like his design a lot 

Yeah the narrative was spot on, more creatures and monster interactions required, definitely agree with that for getting new skills. More fun too

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This was so much fun, anxiety filled second build, but exciting. Must protect Dropa as the cutest most precious himbo. Hope we get to see him again. For now captain my favorite character and I will protect his beautiful charm 馃グ (fight me fallen)

Are we eventually gonna have a chance to start an actual relationship (date) with a chosen character or is this current (comedy gold) gonna be the whole scene around "love"?  I'd love to go on an actual date with "my future husband" though the pizza place was a great start

Alright, I see, I understand. Thanks for the explanation

Thanks I'll give that all a try.  I still get responses like my attack misses or they didn't care for my actions.  What's the corresponding stat to boosting it?  Most my stats are 6, 8, and 10

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This is an interesting game though the combat lacks consistency. Preferences don't seem to exist, accuracy is lacking, and there's very little guide which just means you learn yourself. I like that last part but the first two are little more than irritations. Still fun I just wish there was some kind of consistency to the flow of combat (and not missing dozens of moves). Unless I'm just an idiot who's doing it wrong LoL

Could just be I'm distracted by cute Ash

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Rowley update!? Buy buy buy XD and update 22 gonna be another Rowley HOT DAYUM

Is it wrong that I really wanted to surrender and submit to the big massive brawny bandit 馃槼

Not much has changed for me, I'm still in love with "my future husband", but there's a lot more going on that I can barely keep up with.  Gonna need a Temoc plushie for comfort and sanity ;D

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More time with Alexi! Couldn't ask for much more and it was very interesting to say the least. Poor guy out of his element. It was a nice way of further fleshing out his character and I can't wait for more

Bull story!? Panda approves! I got work for the next two nights but I'll have all weekend to "enjoy" this build. Maybe Ruaden next or more for Tchort 馃槏

Once again I got my hopes up.  Another attempt that didn't see it to completion.  The best thing about this one was that it didn't do a complete overhaul of the story and art style.  Probably why I can't stand that other one, so many changes made me sick, but this one was nice.  I hope someday...

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Regrettably I will admit we've been on this too long and should probably wrap things up. On one hand I'd really love to get on that boat and play with the shark captain I worked so hard to get but at the same time I'd hate to go too far from my master and his dungeon. Let's not leave Hoffman out cuz he was wild and still wanting to see our new cuddle bear. Quite the complicated situation LoL

Ah I guess I was using the wrong link thank you for the response.  Not the normal update link but this one at the top?

If we've already bought this before do we have to buy it again for updates?

Yes good good let the cat cult rise give in to your desires LoL

It was good to see Alexi again cuz I really like his design of just a big ole cuddly bear. I hope its the start of more moments with him. Also I liked seeing a CG (first one?) and beg for more

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I loved it.  Too bad it's not a dating sim otherwise he'd be the one I shoot for.  But this is beautiful, a perfect 2nd, to such a thing so thank you.  Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart! 馃槏

Remind me to show my thanks and love for the Sarge, he's right he wasn't the only one who always wanted to do that, what a treat and dream come true.  I'm so elated and I'm more excited than Julian.  Thank you!

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All I can say after playing my first build...Space Daddy Bear! 馃槏馃い

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I need Tchort, so much Tchort, he's my favorite and I stand for him. I hope we get more for him and more "with him" 馃槏馃い and I can't leave Red or Ruaden out either