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Figured out you can click on the "captured/free agents" tab on the top you can skip to the next raid

I eventually advanced the gangs but still havent advanced past foreplay :/ just gotta do the 30 day raids :/

Can't seem to get passed foreplay in the story, I've got 100 noteriety and can't figure out what else I need to do, all the quests just say to "gain rep" and i've been grinding for in game weeks 

Defeat sex doesnt work, lots of text overlap, when interacting with the craft bench I wasn't able to exit, when interacting with building materials I couldn't move except for rolling

I've extracted the mods to the "mods" folder in %appdata%, but when I launch the game, I don't see an option to load the mods in

hosted on an Incompatible 3rd party site :/

So after completing the 3rd goblin, I went down to the bath house and immediately the text got distorted and multiple glitches such as the character going invisible happened after

I assume they will be free when the next version is released

Can't download through itch desktop app as its hosted on an incompatible 3rd party software

I did, then I tried to run it and it failed and the application turned into a python file

I've downloaded this on the Itch desktop app, but when I click launch it gives an error, I've gone into the files and there doesn't seem to be an "application" file to launch the game.

Currently on Windows desktop app, whenever I try to launch it doesnt do anything

My bad I didn't realize it was 5$

When I click the Download link i get the August 2020 version?

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Can't earn more than 30 gold after defeating the second kingdom. On Windows

NGL the "glitch" sections so far kinda scare me.

Played for the first time today, great game but it wouldnt save no matter what even though im playing the offline version and my computer crashed and i lost where i was :(

Really great puzzle game, but kinda wish Alice's Voice actor eased up on the asmr lol

Oh yeah its a windows/mac app, its very good for compiling lots of games into one launcher, like steam

Ok, then for some reason all i have is a blank screen when i run it off of itch's app

Wanted to play but i think it wont run due to flash shutting down, are you porting to another platform?

Really like the concept, but this game has been unchanged for a longgg time now any plans to continue it? I like the idea for it though

Actually a hard game, well done! I'm finding it difficult to get past the dash-platforming

Ive got a weird bug when i load up the game theres green bars across the screen, not sure why or fix