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I will never trust strangers again, thanks video games!

First off I had no clue until the very end Jar was in this, so that's pretty dope! Second I LOVED the tone of this game so much! It felt so playful then suddenly intense!

I will never look at The Simpsons the same again...

This game was a firm reminder that mixing my childhood nostalgia with being chased leads to a very confusing heart attack!

absolutely loved it though, super fun game :)

Dude, wooly was a home... why did we have to do him like that? :(

This game is VERY visually impressive. A fun little short story with a nice creepy vibe to it! Thank you for the taking the time to make it, and looking forward to future work from you!

First time playing an Indie horror title in a while and BOY was this a welcome back! I LOVED the claustrophobic atmosphere and the sound design was a total *Chefs kiss*. Absolutely killed it!

Thank you for making it! I had a BLAST!

This game was such a fun little pick me up! The arcade game was actually kinda a ddciting and I will admit I booted it back up after filming just play around in it! Great stuff, and hopefully anyone looking for a new silly content creator might enjoy my playthrough ;) 

I never fully understood the Mr. Clean being creepy hype... then I played this... 

I came here to teach this baby the TRUE spirit of Basketball! 

For real this update is great and I am excited to see what the december update brings!!

(Side note, yes I put the baby in the hoop)

Door is deep, I feel creep, no more sleep, watch to see... (p)?

FANTASTIC PIECE OF GIALLO HORROR!! We love a good mystery, and we love some disturbing imagery! Glad I got a chance to do a full playthrough of this game, and was super happy to see Black eyed priest theirself interact with my post on Twitter about it!

I had a great time with old lady Wilkins and her fantastic metal head banging! Kinda sad I never got those fries though, the diner looked like the best (only) fries in town!

This game definitely had the spookies!! I would have loved to be able to run, but I admite the walking added a strong spooky factor to it!

I spent so long trying to find a way to cheat this AI but the mannequin is QUIET clever! I ofcourse bested him eventually, but I got scared quiet a bit along the way! 

I Love these PS1 style horror games and the ambience and sound design of this one was GREAT! Still a shame me and the creepy boy couldn't be friends but HEY, we got both endings!

This was game was super neat! What an insanely intimidating villain to deal with, she has barbed wire AND does PARKOUR?!? Lets get it! 

This was a fun little horror game, I love simple stuff like this because it allows me to go as wild as I want in editing as well as challenges me to find creative ways to bring strong commentary! I could see a whole wild basement in Andy's just filled with difficult to escape traps as a horror Roguelike type thing!

Ah... finally a game to help me address my obvious Cliethrophobia as well as feed a hole estranged to an alternate dimension! Seriously this was a neat one, I always love the PS1 style horror, and I love seeing a simple concept work out well!

I love these VHS style games, and the story twist at the end was DOPE!! 

Super excited to see this game come to full release on steam, seriously a super neat, unique game! You guys are awesome!! 

This game was ACTUALLY mortifying for me, something about the sound design just REALLY got me!! 

I LOVED the art style for this game, super fun little sort playthrough of it I posted to my YouTube channel, if you like this game and editing shenanigans, possibly silly commentary, take a look :) 

Back during Valentines week, I decided to take my wife onthe ultimate Valentines date... SAIKO NO SUTOKA!!! 

Samudra is a beautiful and unique experience! The metaphoric plotline, the environment, the art style, the music, I don't think they miss on a single point in this one. 

Really excited to see where thisnone goes! Here is my playthrough of it!

This was such a unique experience and it is killing me that there isn't more to play! I wanted to find an interesting horror game to play gor my youtube channel and this beyond provided it. The needle mechanic is super cool and was implemented so cleverly, its different uses and lack of ability to damage big scary skeleton lady while still being able to delay her or warn you she is coming makes for a truly original concept. Thank you to the entire staff for providing such a cool title and I can't wait to see more!

Here is my Ginkgo experience!