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Ah, that’s fine. I’ll come up with something. I will have a look at your other palettes though, some might come in handy.

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I noticed the palette used in the background layers is slightly different than the one used on the foreground tiles. Is there a complete palette you can give me so I can use them to work on the background layers? Also, do you have any other palettes like your “Nature’s Embrace 55” palette that I can use? I’m still kinda bad at putting together good palettes myself so I’ve been using your “Nature’s Embrace 55” palette to make new tiles and entities, and if you got any other good palettes I’d love to try and use them! :D

Here’s what I’ve got so far. A few new color variants for the plants, (I’m trying to go for a more “magical” feel, and plan on using them for a gradual transition between “normal grasslands” and “magical grasslands” biomes), a bunch of new variants for that short brick wall (I also cut it into smaller pieces), a lot of new terrain tiles (for the Grassland tileset), and more. I also plan on making winter and autumn variants for the some of the Grassland tileset’s tiles; summer and winter variants for some of the Autumn Forest tileset’s tiles; and summer and autumn variants for some of the Winter World tileset’s tiles. For example, I’m gonna make summer- and winter-themed forests, as well as winter- and autumn-themed grasslands. I plan on using them for 3 different biomes/areas in a small metroidvania game I’m working on. And of course I’ll credit you. :)

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Hi, my brother and I have been working on a game called Subspace Armada and we’ve been using images generated by this application. We downloaded a bunch of images generated by this and cut the individual station parts into individual images, which we then used in our game to generate random space stations for our title screen. We plan on using them elsewhere as well, such as a system map where these stations will represent locations you can visit. We plan on modifying the sprites and perhaps adding additional ones in a similar style, and we plan on eventually selling our game to fund future projects. Would it be fine if we still used these station parts that we obtained from images generated by your application or would you prefer we not use them and instead use completely original assets?

To be clear, we have provided very clear attribution to you in our credits screen, clearly stating that we obtained assets from this application, “Space Station Generator”, which was made by you, N2D.

If there is anything more you’d like us to do in our Credits screen, such as perhaps also providing links or attributing you under a different name, just say the word and we will do so. And if you would like us to use our own assets instead of using yours, just say so and we will make sure to use only our own assets and not use yours.