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Very cool concept for a game. I had a really good time playing it and my only complaint is that it wasn't longer! I hope to see future work by you in the future, sick job!


Absolutely AMAZING JOB on this game! Not very often do I come across a game that genuinely scares the pants off of me like this one did. I look forward to future titles by you! Check out the gameplay below and enjoy the heart attack you gave me! :D

I had a great time with this game! It was a bit of a struggle getting through about 5 crashes total before I game up but I had some good fun hunting, taking on lizards, and enjoying the landscape and I also discovered the cave system in the game where you feed your babies! I would improve the attack mechanics as the game gets a bit buggy when pouncing on prey at times as you'll see in the video below. Seems like a super neat and new idea for a game and I really hope to see a full release of this someday. Kudos to student game developers! This is a great concept! Enjoy some gameplay and my impression of this game below!

I just wanna say you did an excellent job on this game and I really enjoyed it! I gave it my best go at a speed run and I'd love to know how you think I did! A very good experience overall! Kudos!

Very good job on this game! Not many games get my stress levels up like this one did and the jump scares were just right. Its no wonder this game won an award! And to be so good in being made in only 48 hours is quite an impressive accomplishment. Kudos!

Thats crazy! I was almost certain you had found it on here!

Great job on this one! I caught a few bugs as you'll see in the video but overall it was a good experience. I did not, however, get to finish due to my inability to tackle some of the obstacles lol. I may jump back into it and try to go all the way as I'd like to see an ending! Good luck to anyone else who tries this!