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can u say it?

Can I get an Owa Owa?

I did have a mouse when playing this game either so just use the keyboard and middle click. 



That's how I always read it.....

omg, you actually said it...

Can I get an Owa Owa?

Thank  you

Turn the tv to the lion channel and turn on the water. Click the towel then click the toy again. give the food to the fish and turn the fan to the right. :)

First, go to the math room and go get the recorder, then go to your locker and get the pencil. After that go to the lab and get the sock. Then go give the pencil to bimble. Then go get the sports ball which is the blacktop. Give the sock to Zane and pick up the toy. Go give the ball to Kimi and go outside to the front. Give the chewed pencil to Tatum. 

Go to the Cafeteria and put the toy in the mystery mac; then use the net to get it out. Hope this helped :)

I don't know why someone would speedrun a horror game but I did my best time was 4m 9s and 34 milliseconds.

Update on speedrun my next best time is 4m 30 seconds and 64 milliseconds. 

It was a fun game! I decided to speed run it and my best time was 1m 42s and 96 milliseconds. 

Love the game; I speedran it and my time was 6m and 8 milliseconds. 

That's my best time!

Being a Wattpad writer myself I totally am Jealous now-


I joined the council of crowns on day 64.

It took me way to long to do it but I completed the game in 55 seconds. Love the game. :)