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The game doesn't load for me. It's just stuck in the first loading screen with the logo. :(

I already did the fertilizer quest tho.

Unless there's some second secret fertilizer quest I didn't find.

This game has been really good! There are some odd things I'd like to mention though:

  • Penny and Mabel keep showing up in the date area but I can't interact with them.
  • I can't find the last character on the critter log.
  • There was a random encounter early on where I bumped into a fish in the lake. It hasn't been aknowledged since then, nor has it happened again. Did it have any significance, or was it just a one-time gag?

Apart from that, everything's pretty great. I look forward to whenever Act 3 is ready!

The downloaded version doesn't want to react for me. I try to open it but it doesn't do anything. Anyone know what causes this/how to fix this?

Stage 6 and onwards seem to be really laggy for me for some reason, to the point where I can't complete Stage 8 because I can't kill the enemies.

I just replayed the game with the fixed tutorial and it's much better now! I think the only recommendation I'd give now is to make the slime and the spider boss have actual audio cues (Especially the slime, since it's very easy for one to sneak up to you).

This game has been pretty fun so far! My only complaint is that the tutorial can occasionally randomize itself into being unbeatable, so I've not been able to complete it and have had to figure most things out on my own. Hopefully this gets fixed sometime soon.

Alright, I guess I'll have to wait in the meantime. I just want to say I've enjoyed the game so far, and I can't wait to be able to play it again! :)

Yeah I tried all that already.

Does anyone know how to fix the corrupted text glitch? I've tried everything and it still doesn't work. :(

Ok, thanks for clearing up!

This probably has a very obvious anwser, but on this page it says that "The editor will officially release in early 2021, and once that happens this editor will no longer be maintained." Does that mean this editor will stop functioning entirely, or will it just stop being updated and lose level sharing?

The lasergun works fine on mouse, but walking on keyboard doesn't seem to work for me. The character just stands still.