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A member registered Dec 14, 2021

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Very interesting game.

Awesome! I love The Baby in Yellow.

Interesing game.

Great short horror.

Great short horror game. 

Great game.

Really interesting plot and atmosphere.

Good game.

Very interesting game. 

Great update. Really love the first person gameplay. 

Great atmospheric PSX horror game. 

Very insteresting game.

Great game. I need acess the secret ending. 

Amazing transition to 3D world. Really fun. 

Really a great horror game. 

Great adventure. But there is a small bug when playing the game again. The part of the man next to the power cord, when you throw the bucket of water again, he just hangs in the animation and the game is impossible to continue.

Your puzzle horror games are amazing. Congrats!

The Baby In Yellow is one of the games I like the most to follow the plot.

Weel done. Congrats!

Interesting concept.

Great game. Nice jumpscares.

I really love the aesthetic. Clay motion is very charming and so nostalgic. Gob is a great surprise.

Interesing game and use of image banks. 

Nice game. The new build looks no issues about the endings. 

Interesting game. Love the PSX visuals and jumpscares. 

Love creepy mario games. This one is really fun. 

Very interesting game. i'm a huge fan of psx visuals. 

Excellente concept. I`m speechless. 

Really atmospheric game. Got 3 endings. Do you have any more? 

Jester is a very charismatic antagonist. I love the art too.

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The game is interesting because it manages to create a horror based on conscious fear. It deviates from the standard used in normal horror games. By improving the visuals and making them less generic, I can see a totally original game.  

Very interesting game. I love the art style and motion design. 

I took more than 11 keys and when I get to the purple gate, I can't open it. There are other related bugs such as arriving in a new room and the floor disappearing, or opening a door and not being able to enter.

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A game that I really enjoyed trying. It really manages to give a feeling of a 64 game (apart from the cutscenes) and a simpler and more objective gameplay. The horror of the game is also interesting but I felt I didn't get all the secrets. I would like some help to create even more videos about this amazing game.

Nice! I was waiting for this update.

Interesting game. The game has a lot of potential for something bigger. Perhaps some more elaborate puzzles would make the experience even greater.

Great survival horror game. Short but amazing!

Your short horror games are awesome.

Interesting Silent Hill Inspired game. 

Great game. Really impressive.