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Nice that you liked it! You can always change the difficulty of an action: instead of 6, just assign 5-6 or 4-6. Also, you can use the same idea if choose to roll 1d10: as rolling a 6 on 1d6 means 16,67%, and rolling a 10 on 1d10 means 10%, just use 9-10 (20%). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hi! Nice jam! Can we submit content in Portuguese (PT-BR)?

You can roll a different die if you want to. During playtests, this issue emerged as a Priest not skilled in combat trying to protect local folks against undead. Instead of rolling 1d8 (his Skill Die), the player rolled 1d4 to fit the PC role. This and other many rulings should appear in the next version of the game. Thanks for your feedback!

Awesome and simple! Thanks for sharing!

Totally agree! <3

Yes! That's nice! <3

Thanks Matt! <3

Here's the link to the files (Illustrator, PDF, and PNG):

Genius! <3

This is super cool! <3

This is so cool! <3

Awesome! <3

Hi! This challenge was designed to be played with a party of characters but you can hack it and go solo, as we do on our Youtube videos sometimes :)

Yes! The first copies already sold out! <3

Hey! Thanks Filipe! <3

Pure awesomeness! <3

Oh my! We've forgotten to upload the PDF! Thanks for asking! Now the PDF is available to download! :)

Yes! We'll include a typed PDF soon! :)

Hi! :)

All Horoscope Zine content labeled CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 is shared under this specific Creative Commons license

This means you can use it as long as it is credited ("illustration by Horos" or something like that), and use it to illustrate something that isn't sold (a free game or a non-commercial game) :)

If you have any questions, just let me know! <3

Very interesting!

This session in particular was a succession of good player ideas, one after another. Abias had some clever insights! The whole plan didn't lack the randomness of dice rolls: it was pure strategy and creativity! That's what this game is all about! Overcoming challenges with just a few resources! <3

So excited! Thanks Filipe! <3

The review you wrote is super cool and very useful! Thanks! <3

Thanks Filipe! <3