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Ohhhh!!!! That Makes A Lot Of Sense!!! Sorry For The Late Reply But Damn, That's Some Well Made Puzzle Stuff There!!! I Probably Wouldn't Have Ever Thought Of That... Haha, Well I Somehow Got It In The End Anyway!!! Looking Forward To Your Next Project,  If Such A Project Exists!!! 

Wait... The Original Was Just A Demo!?!?! Wow!! Dude Great Work!! Keep It Up!! Love The Style, Love The Animations, Love The Puzzles!! Can't Wait To See What Else You Have In Store!! I've Played The Original On My Channel If You'd Like To Check It Out: 

Loved Your Game!! Very Challenging Towards The End But It Was Awesome!! Made A Vid For Zee Channel, Check It Out Here: 

Took Me A While I Know, But I Didn't Want To Cut Any Of It So I Could Show Peeps That I Actually Managed To Figure It Out!!!

This Game Was A Lot Of FUN!!!! Even Though I Think I Broke It... But It All Worked Out In The End!!!