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Man, i thought i could play this in my PSX android emulator 

you can have that in xvideos or pornhub

Having this kind of rythm game in android would lovely, to bad i don't have pc/laptop that meet this game requirements

Are you gonna make an android version?

Uhhh, on android, how i "play 1 octave higher" ?

No, at beginning on the menu everything is normal until i enter the game, and that gameplay everything turn like on the image

The android version of the game has a glitch bug, which is very annoying

This is how the bug is, everytime i move or shoot, it become like this

i got a problem, the games stuck but the sound is fine, i lookinng for answer but i can't find anything, please hellp

no 32 bit?

is the 32 bit will out?

Nevermind, someone already make it

why no one make a gameplay for this, like this game is worth it

OK you guys can name this thing cause im out of idea

never watch it before, but i watch magical girl site, akame ga kill, the silent voice, goblin slayer, Devilman crybaby, and other

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is the game already have end of the demo or is just open RPG game where can be played with no end?, it's just i want to make the gameplay footage

dude, the games make my head hurt, the first one the radio saying a code and then i try to spin the radio again and nothing happen, try to move and it didn't work, and what im i suppose to do with the code

ohhhhh, well good to hear that

Also if you have any other indie games to review you can send me an email 


waiting for full story buddy : )

wow, the youtube didn't shut your trailer video down

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Gameplay is good, also the art is so simple and that's why i say the games good, waiting for the full game

and also the story is kind a interesting

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i actually searching for a free short games with genre story, well you now for making a gameplay, but yeah thank you for reply my comment

is there an ending for this games?, or is just arcade game where we as player have to get the highest score we can?

Wow, love this game, even this game could played on mobile device to

okay, i already check it, and it shows the gameplay of the new version, the gameplay is very long, so i just skip it, and theres no download button or link

wait, did i?, i don't remember dislike your comments, and also i already see the link you give to me, it is free on patreon?, cause it usually pay

Project Aego?, is that another studio games?

Well im actually kinda fine with gore or horror stuff, what i scared it's the atmosphere, and also you say theres the "good ending" right, well then i might wanna download it as long theres good ending

Hi to you to, SO do you like monster girls, i love kobold you know

This is the first time i come to this homepage games, the first thing i see is 18+ content warning, second the massage "CW: Echo can be an emotionally intense experience and may not be for everyone. Please put your mental well-being first and take this into consideration before downloading!", and third is the comment section that everyone says that this game is absolute TERRIFYING, and now i don't even want to click the download button cause i scared to play, is this even more TERRIFYING than Bird Box? im curios

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man im lost, i already search every place on map, and i don't have any clue, and this happen after i have jump boost (and fighting the first boss), can you help me T_T

wait the second, 'wall climb" ?, is that another power to?, for right know i only have jump boost, is dash also another power

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Okay, im a boy and i like monster no musume, reply if you a boy that make monster girl to

Name: Trixxy

Age: 17

Hobby: DJ, Gaming, Sleeping, and anime (also drawing manga but not often)

She is type of otaku monster girl that on my mind now, and she likes EDM or Gaming music, even usually she play EDM Remix music while playing Esport or MMORPG anime games like Valorant,PUBG,Final Fantasy Remastered And many other, and also she like anime genre Mecha,Mystery, and Isekai, (also like overpowered MC), and when she sleeping, usually there is a catnip right beside of her

is this for real that i cannot see the H scene, i playing this like 5 hours just to complete all the costumes

How the hell to shot blaster, i already push the button and only reveal green bar, and the when i release  nothing happen, any tips

So you already fixed the animation on the cheat